3rd December 2020: FFUK Milk Plate first round results and second round draw:

Below are the results of round 1 of the Milk Plate, together with the draw for round 2 to take place over the December gamemonth.

Round 1    Round 2
November    December
ManagerPoints PointsManagerManager
Ross Smith142vs0Bye 10Ross Smith
Jamie Cooper197vs184Duncan HanniganJamie Cooper
Wayne Fleming143vs173Ally EdwardsAlly Edwards
Josh Paxman161vs149James CoffenJosh Paxman
Duncan Galloway181vs208Glenn JohnsonGlenn Johnson
Karl Austen189vs119Mohammed NasrallaKarl Austen
Dan Hardwick215vs178Ian GallowayDan Hardwick
Justin Mc Carthy185vs133Fabian MascollJustin Mc Carthy
Bernard Perry153vs0Bye 2Bernard Perry
PETER DANIEL111vs200Jack SladeJack Slade
Neill Goodwin170vs186Mark TarboxMark Tarbox
Lawrence Sprigings156vs213Jonathan ButterworthJonathan Butterworth
Alan D169vs177james simpsonjames simpson
Joe Hammond202vs193Roni FrielJoe Hammond
Gareth Taylor188vs155Craig SmithGareth Taylor
Paul Reid194vs0Bye 3Paul Reid
Steven Almond228vs0Bye 6Steven Almond
Danny Finnigan148vs141Siobhan NuttDanny Finnigan
Cian Walsh192vs189Harry AshtonCian Walsh
Ben Eastwood155vs168Stephen MealorStephen Mealor
James Prebble200vs134Michael BainesJames Prebble
James Sheridan206vs159Stephen FieldenJames Sheridan
Theo Allen166vs184Josh PrenticeJosh Prentice
Harvey Smith190vs92Ollie BeckwithHarvey Smith
Jack Rackley183vs140Leon BonnerJack Rackley
Jamie Davis176vs151Rachel LynchJamie Davis
Mark Turnbull165vs191Philip DewsnapPhilip Dewsnap
Jake Walker169vs174Max WalkerMax Walker
Brian Cullen153vs177John StevensJohn Stevens
Trevor Dennison157vs164Andrew RussellAndrew Russell
Reece Richardson189vs210Yabah TurnbullYabah Turnbull
Matt Baldwin182vs0Bye 7Matt Baldwin
Iain Sanderson203vs0Bye 8Iain Sanderson
Tom Page-Chatton126vs132Scott VolkerScott Volker
Christopher Pilling175vs148Brian CollinsChristopher Pilling
Ben Carter202vs219andrew downieandrew downie
Paul Browne206vs77Jason BridgerPaul Browne
Paul Marshall170vs212John GordonJohn Gordon
Gary Parsons142vs153Steven MountfordSteven Mountford
Dan McBrearty184vs137Eoin ReynoldsDan McBrearty
James Nalepa177vs0ByeJames Nalepa
Jamie Stephens155vs208Joseph MulhernJoseph Mulhern
Damien O’Neill191vs148Stuart BlairDamien O’Neill
Matthew Shaw188vs177NEIL FREELANDMatthew Shaw
Sean Griffin203vs197Joseph ColliassSean Griffin
Kaine Sinclair197vs173Jacob CuttingKaine Sinclair
Daniel Gunner197vs183Steve SmithDaniel Gunner
tom newman195vs0Bye 5tom newman
Chris Smith204vs0Bye 4Chris Smith
Richard P W-H143vs207Alex KassnerAlex Kassner
Tim McEwan185vs158Andrew ClarkeTim McEwan
mark woods182vs203Donald MacaulayDonald Macaulay
darren mckeown160vs200Matthew Page-chattonMatthew Page-chatton
Craig Sharman193vs139Mike CroninCraig Sharman
Oliver Gordon171vs151Dean CollinsOliver Gordon
Brendan Ryan168vs0Bye 1Brendan Ryan
Samuel Baker158vs160Matt ReidMatt Reid
Daron Taylor206vs148Gregory LyfordDaron Taylor
Robert Simpson198vs160Stuart NewtonRobert Simpson
Haroon Rashid166vs149PICHON YVES PICHON YVESHaroon Rashid
Samuel Breen156vs184john Harperjohn Harper
Chris Norman168vs160Steven CoffenChris Norman
Dan Humby175vs183Roy BrowneRoy Browne
Paul Taylor154vs0Bye 9Paul Taylor
FFUK Milk Plate Round 1 results and Round 2 draw

6th November 2020: The FFUK Milk Plate is here!

As we have heavily trailed since the start of the season, the Milk Plate is a second-chance saloon for FFUK first round losers. Had a bad month in October? Unlucky enough to be drawn against a high-scorer for the month? This is the cup for you! Take Ross Smith for example. He came 4th in the whole of FFUK in October. A shoo-in, you’d think, for progression to Round 2 of the FFUK Cup. Not a bit of it! He ran into manager of the month James Downie and got knocked out.

Here’s how it works:

All the 128 losing managers from Round 1 of the FFUK Cup qualify for the Milk Plate and all those managers are seeded based on their October scores. Ross Smith is seed number 1 as he had the highest October score among Milk Plate qualifiers. This includes the 11 byes that were included in the FFUK Cup first round to round our numbers to 256. The byes scored zero, so the top 11 October scores will be drawn against a bye and get free passage to round 2 – the lucky losers!

In the FFUK Cup we do a random draw each month to determine ties, the same way it’s done for the FA Cup. The Milk Plate is different. Frankly, to avoid adding layers of admin, the draw for the Milk Plate is pre-determined based on the seedings. Managers are automatically allocated to brackets based on their seeds rather like the draw for Wimbledon. So in First Round proper, seed 1 plays seed 128, seed 2 plays seed 127 and so on. The draw is fixed such that, should they all progress that far, the top 4 seeds would not meet each other until the semi-finals (when seed 1 plays seed 4 and seed 2 plays seed 3).

Still with me?

What this means is that a manager qualifying for the Milk Plate can already see what route they have to the final. If a manager is in the opposite “half” of the draw, they can’t meet them until the final.

Here’s the draw in full:

Round 1
1Ross Smithvs0Bye 10128
64Jamie CoopervsDuncan Hannigan65
33Wayne FlemingvsAlly Edwards96
32Josh PaxmanvsJames Coffen97
17Duncan GallowayvsGlenn Johnson112
48Karl AustenvsMohammed Nasralla81
49Dan HardwickvsIan Galloway80
16Justin Mc CarthyvsFabian Mascoll113
9Bernard Perryvs0Bye 2120
56PETER DANIELvsJack Slade73
41Neill GoodwinvsMark Tarbox88
24Lawrence SprigingsvsJonathan Butterworth105
25Alan Dvsjames simpson104
40Joe HammondvsRoni Friel89
57Gareth TaylorvsCraig Smith72
8Paul Reidvs0Bye 3121
5Steven Almondvs0Bye 6124
60Danny FinniganvsSiobhan Nutt69
37Cian WalshvsHarry Ashton92
28Ben EastwoodvsStephen Mealor101
21James PrebblevsMichael Baines108
44James SheridanvsStephen Fielden85
53Theo AllenvsJosh Prentice76
12Harvey SmithvsOllie Beckwith117
13Jack RackleyvsLeon Bonner116
52Jamie DavisvsRachel Lynch77
45Mark TurnbullvsPhilip Dewsnap84
20Jake WalkervsMax Walker109
29Brian CullenvsJohn Stevens100
36Trevor DennisonvsAndrew Russell93
61Reece RichardsonvsYabah Turnbull68
4Matt Baldwinvs0Bye 7125
3Iain Sandersonvs0Bye 8126
62Tom Page-ChattonvsScott Volker67
35Christopher PillingvsBrian Collins94
30Ben Cartervsandrew downie99
19Paul BrownevsJason Bridger110
46Paul MarshallvsJohn Gordon83
51Gary ParsonsvsSteven Mountford78
14Dan McBreartyvsEoin Reynolds115
11James Nalepavs0Bye118
54Jamie StephensvsJoseph Mulhern75
43Damien O’NeillvsStuart Blair86
22Matthew ShawvsNEIL FREELAND107
27Sean GriffinvsJoseph Colliass102
38Kaine SinclairvsJacob Cutting91
59Daniel GunnervsSteve Smith70
6tom newmanvs0Bye 5123
7Chris Smithvs0Bye 4122
58Richard P W-HvsAlex Kassner71
39Tim McEwanvsAndrew Clarke90
26mark woodsvsDonald Macaulay103
23darren mckeownvsMatthew Page-chatton106
42Craig SharmanvsMike Cronin87
55Oliver GordonvsDean Collins74
10Brendan Ryanvs0Bye 1119
15Samuel BakervsMatt Reid114
50Daron TaylorvsGregory Lyford79
47Robert SimpsonvsStuart Newton82
31Samuel Breenvsjohn Harper98
34Chris NormanvsSteven Coffen95
63Dan HumbyvsRoy Browne66
2Paul Taylorvs0Bye 9127
Draw for the Milk Plate First Round

The full draw can be viewed here

As a reminder, the winner of the FFUK Milk Plate wins £125, the runner-up £50.

If you have any questions or require any clarity then please email us at ffukfantasypremierleague@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy the Cups as much as we do!


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