Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door …… to the Milk Plate!

The Statue of Liberty knows her fantasy football (even if she is French!). She knows the heartbreak of first round cup exits. The agony of one bad gameweek ruining a gamemonth score. Of ghost teams and their lucky captain choices, or coming off second best in the game of Pep roulette.

The Milk Plate is the light! For all the hard-done-by first round losers of the FFUK Cup. F**k the FFUK Cup. They’re the real losers. This is where it’s at! This is where the real teams plays, that live and breathe their fantasy football. Sheffield Wednesday on a cold, snowy January afternoon vs those pampered, prawn sandwich-eating elites in their boxes in the Premier League!

This is the Milk Plate.

It is the very heart of Fantasy Football

If you lost in the first round of the FFUK Cup, you are automatically entered for the Milk Plate. 128 Managers, including the two byes. The first job then was to decide who should play the byes. This was done using an online draw randomiser, and the two lucky managers were: Lawrence Sprigings and Fabian Mascoll! These jammy so-and-sos get a free pass to round 2!

The next step was to seed all the remaining managers based on their October gamemonth score. Lawrence and Fabian seeded 1 and 2, the Byes seeded 127 and 128. Finally a draw was created for all the rounds through to the final, using a Wimbledon-style approach with the first seed at the top of the draw, the second seed at the bottom, and the third and fourth seeds in the middle, such that the four top seeds couldn’t play each other until the semi finals. And so on and so forth. The full first-round draw is therefore as follows:

Seed Manager vs Seed Manager
1 Lawrence Sprigings vs 128 BYE
64 Mark Leathem vs 65 Steven Mountford
33 Chris Norman vs 96 Kevin Trotter
32 Ian Galloway vs 97 Neil Sutherland
17 Lei Cao vs 112 Ana Pascual-Leone
48 Neil Gordon vs 81 Mark Beaumont
49 Malachi Benjamin vs 80 Glenn Johnson
16 Adam White vs 113 Ian Saunders
9 Richard Harrison vs 120 Andrew Bryan
56 Tom Newman vs 73 Louise Wilcockson
41 Eoin Reynolds vs 88 Dylan Fjellstrom
24 Joseph Mulhern vs 105 Luay Alfaham
25 Ben Pycz vs 104 Philip Dewsnap
40 Nick Johns vs 89 Sam Crabbe
57 Jonty Cooke vs 72 James Nalepa
8 James Page-Chatton vs 121 Alexander Thomas
5 Mark Storrar vs 124 Danny Burgess
60 Craig Sharman vs 69 Joseph Colliass
37 Jonny McEwan vs 92 Seb Klyen
28 Aggie Ford vs 101 Thomas Hagerman
21 Chris Eley vs 108 Kingsley Goodridge
44 Toby Jones vs 85 Pete Cronin
53 Daniel Shaw vs 76 Ben Tiffin
12 Jack Clarke vs 117 Duane Anderson
13 John Parkinson vs 116 Jack Wilson
52 John Harper vs 77 Chris Webb
45 Allan Tomkins vs 84 Yabah Turnbull
20 Jamie Davis vs 109 Simon Cockram
29 Oliver Hill vs 100 Franklyn Sams
36 Steven Coffen vs 93 Jim Wheat
61 Jack Lowther vs 68 Jake Walker
4 Damian Willis-Hutchinson vs 125 Steve Smith
3 Steven Almond vs 126 Matt Packham
62 Karl Weyman vs 67 Stuart Bennette
35 Jonathan Britcher vs 94 Matthew Lucas
30 Andrew Fogaty vs 99 Paul Monger
19 Dan Hardwick vs 110 Nathan Ennis
46 David Harrison vs 83 Scott Volker
51 Tom Neal vs 78 Jamie Allaway
14 Sam Douglas vs 115 Ian Saunders
11 Marko Sudar vs 118 Douglas Wilson
54 Andrew Clarke vs 75 Jordan Davison
43 Andy Caulfield vs 86 Andy Heath B
22 Ben Carter vs 107 Phil Andrews
27 Mike Cronin vs 102 Jacob Drant
38 Liz Colman vs 91 Ashley Read
59 Scott Hassell vs 70 Marcus Blowers
6 Dean Collins vs 123 Dan Mogridge
7 Ross Smith vs 122 James Sheridan
58 Stewart Thomas vs 71 Josh Kelly
39 Haroon Rashid vs 90 Vladimirs Voronkovs
26 Mark Turnbull vs 103 Tom Spicer
23 Max Walker vs 106 James Downie
42 Chris Hoerder vs 87 Aaron Smith
55 Tom Price vs 74 Mark Tarbox
10 James Amar vs 119 Dexter Smith
15 Jimmy Spence vs 114 Chris Galloway
50 Andrew Russell vs 79 Matt Frost
47 Chris Lovegrove vs 82 Louis Dowling
18 Peter Hayes vs 111 David Petts
31 Tina Whitehouse vs 98 Joe Hammond
34 Rob Latuske vs 95 Stephen Fielden
63 Alan D vs 66 Jason Phillips
2 Fabian Mascoll vs 127 BYE

Good luck to everyone in the Milk Plate. The first round will be played over the 4 game weeks of the November gamemonth. With the final being played in May,




Key Dates


Please check the rules tab for rules and the prizes tab for specific prizes.

If you have any questions or require any clarity then please email us at ffukfantasypremierleague@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy the Cups as much as we do!

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