Welcome to the H2H Divisions page, we now have 3 FFUK H2H Divisions in play.

Tim McEwan is the admin for the H2H Premier

Donald MacAulay is the admin for the H2H Championship

James Page-Chatton is the admin for the H2H League one

Each division has 19 FFUK players and Mr Average. There is £190 in each division prize pot with the winnings split as follows:

1st £100, 2nd £60, 3rd £30

At the end of the the season it will be 3 up and 3 down in terms of promotion and relegation, not including Mr Average.

The H2H Prem for this season is now confirmed with the players below:

  1. Stu Allen
  2. James Simpson
  3. Steve Cronin
  4. Chris Galloway
  5. Sam Blake
  6. Justin McCarthy
  7. Harvey Smith
  8. Tim McEwan
  9. Peter Cronin
  10. Damien O’Neill
  11. Daron Russell
  12. Paul Baker
  13. Ameet Shah
  14. James Downie
  15. Jamie Stewart
  16. Roni Friel
  17. Chris Smith
  18. Tina Whitehouse
  19. Sean Colohan
  20. Mr Average