You can find the FFUK Cup Google sheet here to find out the very latest & read below the most recent Cupdate from Bakes


Steve Cronin vs Mark Leathem

2nd April 2021: Quarter-Final Results and Semi-Final Draw

The March Gamemonth, ingloriously truncated by yet another gigantic waste of time International Break, came to an end on Sunday March 21st with the close of blank GW29, and with it the culmination of the quarter-finals of the FFUK Cup. All eyes were on the bottom fixture as two of FFUK’s top three met in a veritable clash of the titans – one in which El Presidente himself, Chris Galloway, was victorious. Full results as follows:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Winner
Tina Whitehouse159vsSteve Cronin176Steve Cronin
Malek Mansour170vsMark Harrison127Malek Mansour
Mark Leathem184vsClayton Deakin119Mark Leathem
chris galloway181vsDaron Russell164chris galloway
FFUK Cup Quarter-Final Results

The April Gamemonth kicks off tomorrow (April 3rd) and this 4-Gameweek stretch will decide who plays in the final. Losing semi-finalists have already made themselves £25, with the runner-up netting £100 and the winner taking home a whopping £200! The semi-final draw took place on Friday 26th Match (watch it back on the FFUK YouTube Channel) with match-ups confirmed as follows:

Manager Manager
Steve Croninvschris galloway
Mark LeathemvsMalek Mansour
FFUK Semi-Final Draw

As you can see, the neutrals got what they wanted with the draw throwing up another all-top-three clash. Chris’ reward for defeating Dazzer is a trip to play Steve Cronin, while outsiders Mark Leathem and Malek Mansour face-off for the right to play the winner.

Good luck to the four of you left.


12th March 2021: Fifth-Round Results and Quarter-Final Draw

Following the completion of the February Gamemonth, the fifth round of the FFUK Cup came to a close, and the results were as follows:

Danny Burgess357vsMalek Mansour363Malek Mansour
Dean Cummings366vschris galloway405chris galloway
Jack Mosley352vsDaron Russell444Daron Russell
Ameet Shah346vsMark Leathem402Mark Leathem
Andrew Fogaty395vsTina Whitehouse400Tina Whitehouse
John Willson378vsMark Harrison415Mark Harrison
James Downie400vsClayton Deakin409Clayton Deakin
Steve Cronin408vsStuart Allen393Steve Cronin
FFUK Cup Fifth-Round Results

The winners were drawn into quarter-final ties live on YouTube, with the resulting ties to be played in the March gamemonth:

MatchManager Manager
1Tina WhitehousevsSteve Cronin
2Malek MansourvsMark Harrison
3Mark LeathemvsClayton Deakin
4chris gallowayvsDaron Russell
FFUK Cup Quarter-Final Draw

Good luck to the eight remaining participants.


2nd February 2021: Fourth Round results and Fifth Round draw

The end of the January Gamemonth brought the curtain down on the fourth round of the FFUK Cup. The sixteen ties finished as follows:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints WinnersDiff
Michael Moors228vsDean Cummings321 Dean Cummings93
Vince .Siracusa306vschris galloway383 chris galloway77
Ameet Shah297vsMatt Packham279 Ameet Shah18
Jack Mosley332vsAndy Jackson297 Jack Mosley35
Daron Russell339vsjim Wheat270 Daron Russell69
Andy Caulfield291vsJames Downie352 James Downie61
Malek Mansour371vsNeil Gordon292 Malek Mansour79
Tom Galloway226vsClayton Deakin299 Clayton Deakin73
Chris Webb289vsDanny Burgess322 Danny Burgess33
Kevin Trotter310vsStuart Allen346 Stuart Allen36
Dave Windsor324vsSteve Cronin324 Steve CroninDRAW
Andrew Fogaty369vsLiz Colman289 Andrew Fogaty80
Alex Sadlier336vsmark leathem339 mark leathem3
Jez Penn298vsTina Whitehouse309 Tina Whitehouse11
Sam Blake308vsJohn Willson338 John Willson30
Joe Warrington297vsMark Harrison318 Mark Harrison21
FFUK Cup Fourth Round results

One tie stands out immediately – the draw between Dave Windsor and Steve Cronin. In such circumstances we use a countback principle, so the tie is decided by the December Gamemonth scores – Steve won this comfortably and so progresses.

The draw for the fifth round was conducted on the evening February 1st by none other than Damien O’Neill (check out the FFUK YouTube channel), with the following ties due to be played during the 5-Gameweek-long February Gamemonth:

Manager Manager
Danny BurgessvsMalek Mansour
Dean Cummingsvschris galloway
Jack MosleyvsDaron Russell
Ameet ShahvsMark Leathem
Andrew FogatyvsTina Whitehouse
John WillsonvsMark Harrison
James DownievsClayton Deakin
Steve CroninvsStuart Allen
FFUK Cup Fifth Round draw

Good luck to the sixteen remaining contestants.

25th January 2021: Fourth Round latest scores:

With three of five gameweeks gone in the January gamemonth and the FFUK Cup fourth round well under way, here are the latest scores:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Leader
Michael Moors155vsDean Cummings205 Dean Cummings
Vince .Siracusa225vschris galloway234 chris galloway
Ameet Shah202vsMatt Packham183 Ameet Shah
Jack Mosley198vsAndy Jackson203 Andy Jackson
Daron Russell225vsjim Wheat168 Daron Russell
Andy Caulfield172vsJames Downie225 James Downie
Malek Mansour246vsNeil Gordon182 Malek Mansour
Tom Galloway115vsClayton Deakin182 Clayton Deakin
Chris Webb202vsDanny Burgess203 Danny Burgess
Kevin Trotter208vsStuart Allen223 Stuart Allen
Dave Windsor228vsSteve Cronin227 Dave Windsor
Andrew Fogaty247vsLiz Colman200 Andrew Fogaty
Alex Sadlier232vsmark leathem225 Alex Sadlier
Jez Penn184vsTina Whitehouse192 Tina Whitehouse
Sam Blake198vsJohn Willson231 John Willson
Joe Warrington215vsMark Harrison194 Joe Warrington
FFUK Cup 4th Round latest after 3 of 5 gameweeks

31st December 2020: Third round results and fourth round draw:

Results for the third round of the FFUK Cup, played over the December Gamemonth) were as follows:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Winner
Michael Moors360vssean colohan356 Michael Moors
John Willson381vsJohn Barry330 John Willson
Daniel Green371vsJack Mosley374 Jack Mosley
Liam Green350vsJez Penn406 Jez Penn
Shane Newton313vsMark Harrison414 Mark Harrison
John Parkinson335vsClayton Deakin362 Clayton Deakin
Andy Jackson367vsTom Ryan314 Andy Jackson
Alan Flack299vsDaron Russell404 Daron Russell
Andy Caulfield327vsMarcus Blowers295 Andy Caulfield
Chris Webb372vsMarc Phillips303 Chris Webb
Harrison Drake308vsStuart Allen394 Stuart Allen
Dean Cummings363vsToby Glicher313 Dean Cummings
Liz Colman353vsVladimirs Voronkovs328 Liz Colman
Andrew Tracey326vsTom Galloway330 Tom Galloway
Ben Wright278vsJoe Warrington383 Joe Warrington
Tina Whitehouse368vsJohn Gleeson360 Tina Whitehouse
Kevin Ryan342vsSteve Cronin396 Steve Cronin
Nick Hardie310vsKevin Trotter320 Kevin Trotter
grant lawrie340vsAndrew Fogaty372 Andrew Fogaty
chris galloway386vsPhilip Redgrave340 chris galloway
Ashley Read308vsmark leathem343 mark leathem
Sam Parker305vsJames Downie359 James Downie
Jim Wheat373vsPeter Hayes347 Jim Wheat
Stan Packham359vsSam Blake398 Sam Blake
Dave Windsor358vsNick Johns339 Dave Windsor
Ameet Shah391vsKevin O’ Reilly379 Ameet Shah
Matt Packham323vsjon bryant303 Matt Packham
Vince .Siracusa362vsSam Clegg346 Vince .Siracusa
Neil Gordon333vsRichard Green316 Neil Gordon
Jordan Davison343vsMalek Mansour374 Malek Mansour
Mike Cowans-Kebby0vsAlex Sadlier323 Alex Sadlier
Danny Burgess347vsChris Lovegrove274 Danny Burgess
FFUK Cup Third Round Results

And hot off the press, following the live streamed draw at 2:30pm, I can reveal the draw for the fourth round:

MatchManager Manager
1Michael MoorsvsDean Cummings
2Vince .Siracusavschris galloway
3Ameet ShahvsMatt Packham
4Jack MosleyvsAndy Jackson
5Daron Russellvsjim Wheat
6Andy CaulfieldvsJames Downie
7Malek MansourvsNeil Gordon
8Tom GallowayvsClayton Deakin
9Chris WebbvsDanny Burgess
10Kevin TrottervsStuart Allen
11Dave WindsorvsSteve Cronin
12Andrew FogatyvsLiz Colman
13Alex Sadliervsmark leathem
14Jez PennvsTina Whitehouse
15Sam BlakevsJohn Willson
16Joe WarringtonvsMark Harrison
Draw of the fourth round of the FFUK Cup

28th December: Third Round latest (one GW to go):

With one Gameweek of the mammoth December Gamemonth to go, here are the standings in the FFUK Cup:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Leader
Michael Moors316vssean colohan294 Michael Moors
John Willson336vsJohn Barry298 John Willson
Daniel Green324vsJack Mosley315 Daniel Green
Liam Green320vsJez Penn346 Jez Penn
Shane Newton268vsMark Harrison358 Mark Harrison
John Parkinson291vsClayton Deakin316 Clayton Deakin
Andy Jackson330vsTom Ryan266 Andy Jackson
Alan Flack275vsDaron Russell353 Daron Russell
Andy Caulfield278vsMarcus Blowers270 Andy Caulfield
Chris Webb330vsMarc Phillips264 Chris Webb
Harrison Drake266vsStuart Allen359 Stuart Allen
Dean Cummings321vsToby Glicher269 Dean Cummings
Liz Colman293vsVladimirs Voronkovs285 Liz Colman
Andrew Tracey287vsTom Galloway283 Andrew Tracey
Ben Wright243vsJoe Warrington332 Joe Warrington
Tina Whitehouse304vsJohn Gleeson309 John Gleeson
Kevin Ryan301vsSteve Cronin331 Steve Cronin
Nick Hardie265vsKevin Trotter291 Kevin Trotter
grant lawrie310vsAndrew Fogaty312 Andrew Fogaty
chris galloway350vsPhilip Redgrave309 chris galloway
Ashley Read270vsmark leathem294 mark leathem
Sam Parker283vsJames Downie319 James Downie
Jim Wheat320vsPeter Hayes317 Jim Wheat
Stan Packham306vsSam Blake344 Sam Blake
Dave Windsor320vsNick Johns292 Dave Windsor
Ameet Shah325vsKevin O’ Reilly345 Kevin O’ Reilly
Matt Packham292vsjon bryant285 Matt Packham
Vince .Siracusa297vsSam Clegg310 Sam Clegg
Neil Gordon312vsRichard Green280 Neil Gordon
Jordan Davison279vsMalek Mansour316 Malek Mansour
Mike Cowans-Kebby0vsAlex Sadlier284 Alex Sadlier
Danny Burgess302vsChris Lovegrove240 Danny Burgess
FFUK Third Round

Not sure what’s happened to Mike Cowans-Kebby ….. that fixture is pending.

22nd December 2020: Third Round latest:

Four weeks into the monster six-Gameweek December Gamemonth and the third round of the FFUK Cup currently looks like this:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Leader
Michael Moors282vssean colohan266 Michael Moors
John Willson281vsJohn Barry260 John Willson
Daniel Green273vsJack Mosley260 Daniel Green
Liam Green268vsJez Penn287 Jez Penn
Shane Newton234vsMark Harrison296 Mark Harrison
John Parkinson241vsClayton Deakin261 Clayton Deakin
Andy Jackson277vsTom Ryan226 Andy Jackson
Alan Flack241vsDaron Russell300 Daron Russell
Andy Caulfield230vsMarcus Blowers234 Marcus Blowers
Chris Webb277vsMarc Phillips228 Chris Webb
Harrison Drake216vsStuart Allen305 Stuart Allen
Dean Cummings263vsToby Glicher219 Dean Cummings
Liz Colman236vsVladimirs Voronkovs247 Vladimirs Voronkovs
Andrew Tracey226vsTom Galloway225 Andrew Tracey
Ben Wright204vsJoe Warrington275 Joe Warrington
Tina Whitehouse242vsJohn Gleeson262 John Gleeson
Kevin Ryan262vsSteve Cronin263 Steve Cronin
Nick Hardie220vsKevin Trotter254 Kevin Trotter
grant lawrie247vsAndrew Fogaty259 Andrew Fogaty
chris galloway284vsPhilip Redgrave252 chris galloway
Ashley Read234vsmark leathem241 mark leathem
Sam Parker245vsJames Downie256 James Downie
Jim Wheat271vsPeter Hayes262 Jim Wheat
Stan Packham254vsSam Blake288 Sam Blake
Dave Windsor257vsNick Johns246 Dave Windsor
Ameet Shah278vsKevin O’ Reilly299 Kevin O’ Reilly
Matt Packham240vsjon bryant232 Matt Packham
Vince .Siracusa258vsSam Clegg272 Sam Clegg
Neil Gordon268vsRichard Green235 Neil Gordon
Jordan Davison225vsMalek Mansour245 Malek Mansour
Mike Cowans-Kebby218vsAlex Sadlier247 Alex Sadlier
Danny Burgess251vsChris Lovegrove205 Danny Burgess
FFUK Cup third round latest scores

3rd December 2020: Second Round results and third round draw:

The draw for the third round of the FFUK Cup dra has just been made. Details of previous rounds and ongoing results will be posted here. Fixtures will be played over the December gamemonth which consists of no fewer than SIX gameweeks. A marathon not a sprint this one. The draw for the FFUK Cup third round is as follows:

Manager Manager
Michael Moorsvssean colohan
John WillsonvsJohn Barry
Daniel GreenvsJack Mosley
Liam GreenvsJez Penn
Shane NewtonvsMark Harrison
John ParkinsonvsClayton Deakin
Andy JacksonvsTom Ryan
Alan FlackvsDaron Russell
Andy CaulfieldvsMarcus Blowers
Chris WebbvsMarc Phillips
Harrison DrakevsStuart Allen
Dean CummingsvsToby Glicher
Liz ColmanvsVladimirs Voronkovs
Andrew TraceyvsTom Galloway
Ben WrightvsJoe Warrington
Tina WhitehousevsJohn Gleeson
Kevin RyanvsSteve Cronin
Nick HardievsKevin Trotter
grant lawrievsAndrew Fogaty
chris gallowayvsPhilip Redgrave
Ashley Readvsmark leathem
Sam ParkervsJames Downie
Jim WheatvsPeter Hayes
Stan PackhamvsSam Blake
Dave WindsorvsNick Johns
Ameet ShahvsKevin O’ Reilly
Matt Packhamvsjon bryant
Vince .SiracusavsSam Clegg
Neil GordonvsRichard Green
Jordan DavisonvsMalek Mansour
Mike Cowans-KebbyvsAlex Sadlier
Danny BurgessvsChris Lovegrove
FFUK Cup 3rd Round Draw

The FFUK second round results were as follows:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Winner
Adam Vardy175vsPeter Hayes177 Peter Hayes
Neil Gordon169vsjake duff141 Neil Gordon
chris ward156vsJim Wheat157 Jim Wheat
Eddie Fitz168vssean colohan211 sean colohan
Harry Dickinson190vsAlex Sadlier203 Alex Sadlier
James Downie190vsDarryl James150 James Downie
Nick Hardie184vsRichard Harrison172 Nick Hardie
Kevin O’ Reilly178vsLei Cao173 Kevin O’ Reilly
Matt Wright165vsKevin Ryan219 Kevin Ryan
Andrew Tracey190vsPhil Smith161 Andrew Tracey
Steve Cronin217vsNeil Stewart110 Steve Cronin
Tom Galloway172vsSam Tetlow162 Tom Galloway
James Page-Chatton167vsAshley Read182 Ashley Read
Amar Shah159vsDaniel Green176 Daniel Green
Jordan Davison198vsTom Henshall151 Jordan Davison
Ameet Shah209vsLuay Alfaham190 Ameet Shah
Stuart Loader163vsChris Lovegrove174 Chris Lovegrove
jonty cooke163vsMarc Phillips178 Marc Phillips
Ben Wright188vsRob Latuske152 Ben Wright
Ben Beill193vsClayton Deakin198 Clayton Deakin
Sam Parker177vsWayne Pearson162 Sam Parker
Richard Green194vsJack Lowther168 Richard Green
Andy Heath132vsjon bryant157 jon bryant
Tom Spicer138vsLiam Green148 Liam Green
Andy Jackson180vsBen Hardiman179 Andy Jackson
Mark Jackson157vsSam Clegg168 Sam Clegg
Andy Green145vsJohn Gleeson182 John Gleeson
Dave Windsor199vsPeter CRONIN193 Dave Windsor
Mike Cowans-Kebby192vsLewis Bell184 Mike Cowans-Kebby
John Willson194vsPaul Monger169 John Willson
Mark Harrison177vsdominic smith144 Mark Harrison
Paul Austin169vsgrant lawrie185 grant lawrie
John Barry159vsIra W116 John Barry
Mark Storrar178vsMatt Packham207 Matt Packham
Andy Caulfield202vsMick Walker156 Andy Caulfield
Jack Clarke164vsToby Glicher189 Toby Glicher
Chris Webb203vsBen Pycz199 Chris Webb
James Amar185vsVince .Siracusa191 Vince .Siracusa
chris galloway209vsLeon Allen205 chris galloway
David Harrison153vsJack Mosley173 Jack Mosley
Kevin Trotter187vsRoss Hassell183 Kevin Trotter
Rob Harding146vsJez Penn197 Jez Penn
Dan Hepworth196vsMarcus Blowers197 Marcus Blowers
Philip Redgrave204vsKevin Flynn191 Philip Redgrave
Andrew Fogaty178vsJoseph Reid145 Andrew Fogaty
Nick Johns189vsPaul Baker184 Nick Johns
jason beal158vsVladimirs Voronkovs177 Vladimirs Voronkovs
Alan Flack169vsMark James162 Alan Flack
SCOTT HASSELL171vsJoe Warrington176 Joe Warrington
Aaron Smith139vsDaron Russell213 Daron Russell
Dean Cummings185vsAndy Bryan152 Dean Cummings
danny Fielden158vsTina Whitehouse210 Tina Whitehouse
Paul Blair162vsMichael Moors185 Michael Moors
Stuart Allen186vsJake Rawkins169 Stuart Allen
Stan Packham191vsAsmir Begovic140 Stan Packham
tony lee150vsTom Ryan228 Tom Ryan
jamie shuell161vsMalek Mansour181 Malek Mansour
Shane Newton186vsDexter Smith157 Shane Newton
Liz Colman208vsStuart Hartigan136 Liz Colman
Nick Maston191vsSam Blake202 Sam Blake
John Parkinson166vsAdam Jones164 John Parkinson
Harrison Drake169vsgary hayter157 Harrison Drake
Jamie Stewart183vsmark leathem191 mark leathem
Danny Burgess190vschris panayi158 Danny Burgess
FFUK Cup Second Round Results

6th November 2020: First Round completed, second draw made

The close of the October gamemonth brought the curtains down on the FFUK Cup. The 128 winners were drawn live on YouTube on Tuesday November 3rd.

The draw then for the Second Round looks like this:

MatchManager Manager
1Adam VardyvsPeter Hayes
2Neil Gordonvsjake duff
3chris wardvsJim Wheat
4Eddie Fitzvssean colohan
5Harry DickinsonvsAlex Sadlier
6James DownievsDarryl James
7Nick HardievsRichard Harrison
8Kevin O’ ReillyvsLei Cao
9Matt WrightvsKevin Ryan
10Andrew TraceyvsPhil Smith
11Steve CroninvsNeil Stewart
12Tom GallowayvsSam Tetlow
13James Page-ChattonvsAshley Read
14Amar ShahvsDaniel Green
15Jordan DavisonvsTom Henshall
16Ameet ShahvsLuay Alfaham
17Stuart LoadervsChris Lovegrove
18jonty cookevsMarc Phillips
19Ben WrightvsRob Latuske
20Ben BeillvsClayton Deakin
21Sam ParkervsWayne Pearson
22Richard GreenvsJack Lowther
23Andy Heathvsjon bryant
24Tom SpicervsLiam Green
25Andy JacksonvsBen Hardiman
26Mark JacksonvsSam Clegg
27Andy GreenvsJohn Gleeson
28Dave WindsorvsPeter CRONIN
29Mike Cowans-KebbyvsLewis Bell
30John WillsonvsPaul Monger
31Mark Harrisonvsdominic smith
32Paul Austinvsgrant lawrie
33John BarryvsIra W
34Mark StorrarvsMatt Packham
35Andy CaulfieldvsMick Walker
36Jack ClarkevsToby Glicher
37Chris WebbvsBen Pycz
38James AmarvsVince .Siracusa
39chris gallowayvsLeon Allen
40David HarrisonvsJack Mosley
41Kevin TrottervsRoss Hassell
42Rob HardingvsJez Penn
43Dan HepworthvsMarcus Blowers
44Philip RedgravevsKevin Flynn
45Andrew FogatyvsJoseph Reid
46Nick JohnsvsPaul Baker
47jason bealvsVladimirs Voronkovs
48Alan FlackvsMark James
49SCOTT HASSELLvsJoe Warrington
50Aaron SmithvsDaron Russell
51Dean CummingsvsAndy Bryan
52danny FieldenvsTina Whitehouse
53Paul BlairvsMichael Moors
54Stuart AllenvsJake Rawkins
55Stan PackhamvsAsmir Begovic
56tony leevsTom Ryan
57jamie shuellvsMalek Mansour
58Shane NewtonvsDexter Smith
59Liz ColmanvsStuart Hartigan
60Nick MastonvsSam Blake
61John ParkinsonvsAdam Jones
62Harrison Drakevsgary hayter
63Jamie Stewartvsmark leathem
64Danny Burgessvschris panayi
Draw for the Second Round of the FFUK Cup

Some of the more interesting ties include the “brother off” Steve Cronin vs Neil Stewart and a battle between two former FFUK Champions Nick Johns vs Paul Baker. Stan Packham draws our most high-profile member Asmir Begovic (yes, that one!). Our manager of the month for October James Downie faces the man-with-the-name-that-sounds-most-like-a-radio-presenter Darryl James.

The full draw can be viewed here.

Good luck to all those who qualified. A reminder that the winner pockets £200, the runner-up £100 and the semi-finalists £50 each.


Draw for the first round of the FFUK Cup 2020/21:

1Ben EastwoodvsPeter CRONIN
2John GleesonvsJosh Prentice
3John ParkinsonvsRoy Browne
4John Stevensvschris panayi
5Dave WindsorvsBen Carter
6Paul TaylorvsStuart Loader
7Daniel GunnervsPhilip Redgrave
8Joe WarringtonvsKevin Curtin
9Sam CleggvsLawrence Sprigings
10dominic smithvsJames Sheridan
11James CoffenvsLewis Bell
12gary haytervsGareth Taylor
13Glenn JohnsonvsTom Spicer
14Duncan HanniganvsJack Lowther
15Jack SladevsAaron Smith
16Oliver GordonvsToby Glicher
17Kevin TrottervsRachel Lynch
18Chris SmithvsChris Lovegrove
19Paul BrownevsShane Newton
20Andy HeathvsDonald Macaulay
21Mark Tarboxvsjake duff
22Jordan DavisonvsNeill Goodwin
23Steve SmithvsAndrew Tracey
24Dean CummingsvsJames Nalepa
25Matt WrightvsWayne Fleming
26Paul MarshallvsDanny Burgess
27Steven AlmondvsLiz Colman
28Alex KassnervsKevin Ryan
29Damien O’NeillvsRob Harding
30Stephen MealorvsRichard Harrison
31Mike Cowans-KebbyvsDan Hardwick
32tony leevsMatthew Page-chatton
33Duncan GallowayvsSCOTT HASSELL
34PETER DANIELvsNick Maston
35Jonathan ButterworthvsAndy Bryan
36Clayton DeakinvsAlly Edwards
37Trevor Dennisonvsjon bryant
38Theo AllenvsMark Storrar
39Steve Croninvstom newman
40Paul AustinvsKaine Sinclair
41james simpsonvsAmar Shah
42Fabian MascollvsMark James
43Bernard PerryvsAndy Jackson
44Sam BlakevsMike Cronin
45Bye 7vsSam Tetlow
46Marcus BlowersvsJoseph Mulhern
47Yabah TurnbullvsJohn Willson
48Paul MongervsSteve Coffen
49john HarpervsAshley Read
50Rob LatuskevsSteven Mountford
51Ira WvsEoin Reynolds
53Matthew ShawvsEddie Fitz
54Ollie BeckwithvsKevin Flynn
55Christopher PillingvsTom Galloway
56Mark HarrisonvsJacob Cutting
57Mark TurnbullvsBen Wright
58Bye 1vsChris Webb
59Jim WheatvsSamuel Breen
60Tom Page-ChattonvsLuay Alfaham
61Tim McEwanvsStuart Allen
62Ross HassellvsBye 8
63grant lawrievsJamie Cooper
64Scott VolkervsMarc Phillips
65Michael BainesvsJez Penn
66Siobhan NuttvsJack Clarke
67Daron RussellvsJames Prebble
68Ben PyczvsHarry Ashton
69Darryl JamesvsAndrew Russell
70Andy CaulfieldvsStephen Fielden
71Justin Mc CarthyvsPeter Hayes
72Matt BaldwinvsNick Hardie
73Haroon RashidvsNick Johns
74andrew downievsJake Rawkins
75Dan HepworthvsDean Collins
76James Page-ChattonvsGary Parsons
77Neil StewartvsIan Galloway
78Bye 10vsmark leathem
79Reece Richardsonvschris ward
80Paul BakervsBrian Collins
81Kevin O’ ReillyvsBye 2
82Jamie StewartvsSean Griffin
83jamie shuellvsPaul Reid
84Mark JacksonvsDan Humby
85danny FieldenvsJohn Gordon
86Iain SandersonvsTom Henshall
87Stuart HartiganvsBye 4
88Andrew FogatyvsAlan D
89Ameet ShahvsDan McBrearty
90Vince .SiracusavsKarl Austen
91Philip DewsnapvsAdam Vardy
92Phil SmithvsRoni Friel
93Andrew ClarkevsPaul Blair
94Stuart BlairvsMalek Mansour
95Craig SmithvsAsmir Begovic
96Tom Ryanvsmark woods
97Samuel Bakervsjason beal
98Jamie DavisvsBen Hardiman
99chris gallowayvsChris Norman
100Tina WhitehousevsMatt Reid
101Harrison DrakevsMohammed Nasralla
102Joseph ColliassvsMick Walker
103Danny Finniganvsjonty cooke
104Bye 6vsJack Mosley
105Gregory LyfordvsMatt Packham
106Alan FlackvsStuart Newton
107Bye 3vsMichael Moors
108Brendan RyanvsSam Parker
109John BarryvsJason Bridger
110Craig SharmanvsNeil Gordon
111Joe HammondvsLiam Green
112Jamie StephensvsAlex Sadlier
113Jack RackleyvsLeon Allen
114Vladimirs VoronkovsvsBye 5
115darren mckeownvsJoseph Reid
116Dexter SmithvsNEIL FREELAND
117Brian CullenvsLei Cao
118Richard P W-HvsDaniel Green
119Ben BeillvsBye 9
120Josh Paxmanvssean colohan
121Richard GreenvsJake Walker
122Stan PackhamvsMax Walker
123David HarrisonvsRobert Simpson
124Cian WalshvsAndy Green
125Harvey SmithvsWayne Pearson
126Daron TaylorvsHarry Dickinson
127James DownievsRoss Smith
128Adam JonesvsLeon Bonner

For more information please check the RULES and PRIZES.

If you have any questions or require any clarity then please email us at ffukfantasypremierleague@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy the Cups as much as we do!

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