Do you want to be King Cont?

This season we are once again running the brutal but brilliant CONTS MINI LEAGUE, now a firm favourite in the FFUK calendar. Still just £5 to enter on top of your FFUK entry fee. This time around we have changed it ever so slightly, it still remains as brutal as ever but the premise remains the same:
Each week the lowest scoring FFUKer (s) gets evicted. That’s it.
Who will be the last FFUKer standing at the end of the season? Evictions will be confirmed in the gw review and removed by the league admin.
There will now be a maximum of 50 teams allowed in the CONTS league. In that case double evictions will take place in gameweeks 1-12. Priority will go to those in the WhatsApp group first. Full Rules below. Join up today.
Mini league code to join: pwwz57
There will now only be 1 winners prize awarded to the KING CONT of £200 big ones. Wowzer. Plus the crown and adulation from the rest of the community. With a £50 donation to Football Beyond Borders, a wonderful football charity which you can find out more about here
If you are now asking “What is a Cont?” then you need to read the BOOK OF CONTS or “Your guide to the WhatsApp group”. if you haven’t already. Hopefully all will then become clear.


  1. THE CONTS mini-league is open to members of the FFUK WhatsApp Group primarily
  2. The person (or persons) with the lowest GW score will be removed from the Conts League after each gameweek. This will be confirmed in the gameweek review.
  3. If more than one player gets the same lowest GW score on a given gameweek, the tie will be decided on overall FPL rank*.
  4. TRANSFER HITS DO NOT COUNT towards GW scores in the Conts League. This means that the gameweek score on the league page will be taken at all times.
  5. In the case of a double eviction the 2 lowest GW scores will be removed from the league, or as per rule 3.
  6. All scores will be calculated in game, as per the FPL rules.
  7. Entry to this mini league is £5 per person.
  8. This season we are limiting the league to 50 players
  9. Prize money will be awarded as below:




*In the unlikely event of a tie on overall rank (particularly in GW1), we will resort to lowest Captain score, lowest bench score, and if not, a coin toss.

Prize money will be paid out with all other FFUK prizes following the FA Cup Final 2020

This season double evictions will take place in GW1 – GW12 inclusive then it will be single evictions for the rest of the season

warning double eviction
GW1 – GW12 is all about the double evictions this season!

Below is the CONTS mini-league Hall Of Fame:

This brutal mini league is about to enter it’s 3rd year, please find below the winners from previous seasons:

King Cont 2018 – Daron Russell

King Cont 2019 – Robert Browne

King Cont 2020 – Could it be you???