1. THE CONTS mini-league is open to members of the FFUK WhatsApp Group and Facebook Group
  2. The person (or persons) with the lowest GW score will be removed from the Conts League after each gameweek. This will be confirmed in the gameweek review.
  3. If more than one player gets the same lowest GW score on a given gameweek, the tie will be decided on overall FPL rank*.
  4. NEW – In the case of a double eviction the 2 lowest GW scores will be removed from the league, or as per rule 3.
  5. All scores will be calculated in game, as per the FPL rules.
  6. TRANSFER HITS DO NOT COUNT towards GW scores in the Conts League. This means that the gameweek score on the league page will be taken at all times.
  7. Entry to this mini league is £5 per person.
  8. Prize money will be awarded to the final 3:

1st prize £150, 2nd place £75, 3rd place £35

Prize money will be paid out with all other FFUK prizes following the FA Cup Final 2019

The dates of the Conts DOUBLE EVICTIONS are as follows:

  1. Gameweek 1
  2. Gameweek 2
  3. Gameweek 3
  4. Gameweek 4 – September International Break
  5. Gameweek 5
  6. Gameweek 6
  7. Gameweek 7
  8. Gameweek 8 – October International Break
  9. Gameweek 12 – November International Break
  10. Gameweek 16 – December – Merry Xmas
  11. Gameweek 21 – Happy New Year
  12. Gameweek 23 – JanuaryCup Break
  13. Gameweek 26 – FebruaryCup Break
  14. Gameweek 31 – March– Final 7


*In the unlikely event of a tie on overall rank (particularly in GW1), we will resort to lowest Captain score, lowest bench score, and if not, a coin toss.