See below for guidelines and rules for the FFUK community. If you have a suggestion, comment or complaint please let us know via the Suggestion Box article.


Entry to the FFUK league is by invitation only and is now £15. You are here because you are either in the league or have been invited to join us. Welcome to the FFUK Community!

Please feel free to invite others into the FFUK league. The easiest way is to direct them to this website and then perhaps add them to the Facebook group, or you can email us their details, whatever is easiest for you. Please remember we need an email for every person in the league. Then make sure you get your payment in to us before the season starts so we can announce the prize money for the season!

We are all one big FFUK family, however, if anyone fails to pay, or if we do not know who they are, we will have to remove them from the league. This needs to be resolved by the start of each season, as then we can allocate prize funds.


We’re all here to have fun and enjoy being part of the FFUK community.

We respect the league and all of our players, we expect you to do the same.

If you have a dispute regarding prizes, rules or players, please contact us, and we will do our best to resolve it.

Only one team is allowed per player and we reserve the right to eliminate players who have falsely submitted teams.

We must have a valid email address for every player. The only exception to this is any players who are under 18. For these we must have an email of a parent/guardian.

There is a trophy for the FFUK league winner and also the Junior FFUK Champion. The Junior trophy goes to the highest finishing junior (under 18 years of age at time of season start). These are kept by the winners for the season before being returned to Chris/Pete by the next end of season party.

All decisions made by FFUK are final.


This season there will be more prizes than ever before!

FFUK awards prizes to the finishing Top 10 in the league at the end of the season*

This season FFUK will run 3 Cups through the season, the FFUK CUP , and the MILK PLATE initially. Prizes for the winner, and to the runner up in each competition. There is also a new special 3rd cup competition taking place in the 2nd half of the season, watch out for news of this one.

We will be giving a Manager of the Month Prize each month and this season it will be £50 per month!

We will also award prizes for the BEST GW SCOREs of the season.

All entry fees go into the prize pot, once the season is underway the prizes will be announced just as soon as all entry fees are received!

*if we get more than 150 players we will be increasing the number of teams  that win prizes at the top of the league, See the new season post for more details.


The game is played in accordance with the rules of the official Fantasy Premier League online game. All rulings regarding transfers, chips, deadlines and scoring are followed as per the official ‘Game rules’. Please note that the intricacies of the rules are at the discretion of FPL and their ruling will be shared by us. For clarification please check the help section via this link:, or if you have a particular question feel free to ask. For rules specific to FFUK Competitions please see below.


The bread and butter. Last season we had 229 in the league this year we hope to get more with your help. Please invite your friends, family, colleagues to join us. This is the essence of what we do.


We have revamped the cups for the 2019/20 season and we have a new man on board to run them. Expect more news soon but there will be more draws, more spreadsheets, more cups and more cupdates. More new soon, check the cup pages to see the latest.

All Cup scores are played out through ‘game months’ or phases. To find out your score for a particular game month go to the league page and change the tab top right from overall to the respective month. This way you will also be able to check your score against your opponent throughout the month.

All cup scores are taken directly from the game. The game refers to months as ‘phases’ and one of the idiosyncrasies of the game is that following the final gameweek of a phase, transfer hits do not affect the score for the next phase. This effectively means a player can take hits in preparation for a ‘game month’ or ‘phase’ without it affecting that score. A handy tactic in any cup tie.

In the event of a draw in any round (as per the phase points as decided in game), then we will revert to your overall FPL rank to decide your placing. The only time this is not applied is during qualifying, when seeding is organised exactly as per the placings listed within the FPL game.

For Cup dates, draws, matches and scores visit the Cups tab.


Each month, the player with the top monthly score will be awarded the MANAGER OF THE MONTH prize

In the event of two teams achieving the same highest monthly score in the same month the winner will be decided on overall rank.

For the MOTM leaderboard, simply click MANAGER OF THE MONTH.


You must submit your BEST GW SCORE to us – Tell us on the Facebook page, tweet us (@ffukpl), via whatsapp or email:

The Best GW Prize is awarded to the player with the highest score for a single gameweek. The runner up will be awarded a prize for the second highest overall gameweek, and this must be for a score for a different gameweek to the overall score.

This is the gameweek score as displayed on the league, minus any transfer points deductions incurred that gameweek. This means that if your gameweek score is 100 points, but you have made 2 hits (transfers above your free transfers), your score to be submitted is 92 points, and not 100 points.

For various reasons, especially as hits need to be deducted from gameweek scores, we will not track the Best Gameweek Score, and it is therefore reliant on your submission to us.

In the event of two players achieving the same Best Gameweek Score in two separate gameweeks, the winner and runner up prizes will be split equally between them. In the event of two players achieving the same score in the same gameweek, and allowing they have made the same number of hits, they will share that prize. This means that if 2 players win the competition with a Best Gameweek Score of 200 points, they will both share the winners prize, and this will not affect the runner up prize. Also, the same team can not win both the best gameweek score prizes.

We will verify submissions for Best GW Score upon submission to us and update the Best GW Score tab throughout the season.

Submissions for the Best Gameweek score prize close when the FA Cup Final reaches full time.

For the Best GW Score leaderboard, simply click on BEST GW SCORE.



  1. The CONTS mini league is open to all FFUKers in the Whatsapp Group or in the Facebook Group, you must also be in the FFUK mini league to be eligible for this mini league. Priority to WhatsApp group first.
  2. Maximum of 50 entries to this mini league.
  3. Entry costs £5 per person on top of your FFUK entry fee
  4. The person with the lowest GW score will be removed from the Conts League after each gameweek.
  5. If more than one player gets the same lowest GW score on a given gameweek, the tie will be decided on overall FPL rank.*
  6. In the case of a double eviction the 2 lowest GW scores will be removed from the league.
  7. All scores will be calculated in game, as per the FPL rules.
  8. TRANSFER HITS DO NOT COUNT towards GW scores in the Conts League. This means that the gameweek score on the league page will be taken at all times.
  9. When a player is removed from the league they will be informed by FFUK in the GW Review.
  10. Prizemoney of £200 will be awarded to the last man standing with a £50 donation going to Football Beyond Borders Charity.
  11. Prizemoney will be paid out with all other FFUK prizes following the FA Cup Final 2019

*In the event of a tie on overall rank (particularly in GW1), we will resort to lowest Captain score, lowest bench score, and if not, a coin toss.

ANY SIDE GAMES are run by Chris Galloway and Peter Cronin with assistance from Tim McEwan. Tim also sets up the H2H league for the FFUK team (£5 entry), eligibility for the H2H league is decided by Tim, Chris & Pete.

And finally.

Please note – all FFUK Competitions have been structured in the interest of fairness. For example, we have two cups with multiple chances to win plus the Best GW prizes are given to players from different gameweeks and we have a manager of the month every month. All this we hope helps avoid monopolies on prizes, especially considering double gameweeks.


If you have any questions at all or would like to contact us for any reason then please email us or use twitter (@ffukpl), whatsapp, this website, or call us, text us, or if you really want to then write an old fashioned letter to us. We are here to help.

Chris and Pete