Welcome to the FFUK Community!

FFUK is a mini league started by a group of mates with a love of football, and Fantasy Football. If you want to become a member you can subscribe to the FFUK community for £15 a season. You will need to be invited by an existing player. Entry fees are paid out in prize money at the end of the season.

Once you are a member of the FFUK league you are welcome to invite your friends into the FFUK league. The easiest way is to direct them to this website, or contact us directly.

Please make sure subscriptions are paid before the season starts so we can announce the prize money!

Please note that if anyone fails to pay, or if we cannot identify players, we will have to remove them from the league. This is resolved at the start of each season, before we can allocate prize funds.

If you have a dispute regarding prizes, rules or players, please contact us, and we will do our best to resolve it.

We must have a valid email address for every player.

All decisions made by FFUK are final.


The game is played in accordance with the rules of the official Fantasy Premier League online game. All rulings regarding transfers, chips, deadlines and scoring are followed as per the official ‘Game rules’. Please note that the intricacies of the rules are at the discretion of FPL and their ruling will be shared by us. For clarification please check the help section via this link:, or if you have a particular question feel free to ask. For rules specific to FFUK Competitions please see below.


Prizes are awarded to the Top 20 placed teams in accordance with the FPL game. All rulings will follow the official ‘Game rules’.


All Cup scores are played out through ‘game months’ or phases. To find out your score for a particular game month go to the league page and change the tab top right from overall to the respective month. This way you will also be able to check your score against your opponent throughout the month.

All cup scores are taken directly from the game. The game refers to months as ‘phases’ and one of the idiosyncrasies of the game is that following the final gameweek of a phase, transfer hits do not affect the score for the next phase. This effectively means a player can take hits in preparation for a ‘game month’ or ‘phase’ without it affecting that score. A handy tactic in any cup tie.

In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by countback using scores recorded for the previous gamemonth – continuing back through the gamemonths as required. In the unlikely event that the participants recorded exactly the same gamemonth scores all the way back to September, the winner will be decided, first by overall rank (which might be different depending on hits) and finally by a coin toss. 

For Cupdates, draws, matches and scores visit the Cup pages.


Each month, the player with the top monthly score will be awarded the MANAGER OF THE MONTH prize.

This is awarded as per the FPL game monthly scores, as listed in the phase options on the league page.

In the event of two teams achieving the same highest monthly score in the same month the winner will be decided on overall rank.


The Best Gameweek Score is updated with the highest individual score from each gameweek every week.

The Best Gameweek Score first prize is awarded to the player with the highest individual score for a single gameweek. The runner up is awarded a prize for the second highest overall gameweek, and this must be for a score for a different gameweek to the score. The third prize is awarded to the highest score from a different gameweek and so on.

The Best Gameweek Score is taken from the league, but minus any transfer points deductions incurred that gameweek. For example, if your gameweek score is 100 points, but you have made 2 hits (transfers above your free transfers), your score is 92 points, and not 100 points.

In the event of two players achieving the same best score in two separate gameweeks, the winner and runner up prizes will be split equally between them. However, in the event of two players achieving the same score in the same gameweek, and allowing they have made the same number of hits, they will share that prize between them. This means that if two players top the leaderboard with a score of 200 points for different weeks, they will share the first prize and the runner up prize. If two players both receive 200 points on the same week, they share the prize for that gameweek between them.

The same player can not win more than one Best Gameweek Score prize.

And finally…

Please note – all FFUK Competitions have been structured in the interest of fairness. We reserve the right to remove players from the league and refund subscriptions for cheating or for actions in contravention of our code of conduct.


If you have any questions at all or would like to contact us for any reason then please email us or use Twitter (@ffukfpl), WhatsApp, this website, or call us, text us, or if you really want to then write an old fashioned letter to us. We are here to help.

Chris & Pete