We are a friendly bunch here at FFUK and there are plenty of ways you can keep in touch with us and get involved.

In light of events over the Summer of 2020, we remind members that:

The FFUK community support and embrace the individuality and nuances of people, and the diversities in society. We do not accept and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind whether it be overt or subtle in nature. Please post, share and contribute with kind and thoughtful intentions as not to distress or offend any of our members.  

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The FFUK WhatsApp Group is a busy forum with over 100 of the community already signed up, If you need that little bit of extra FFUK in your life, our WhatsApp Group was made for you!

This is fast becoming the primary FFUK forum and we gladly invite you to join in, arguably its not for the feint hearted but its the best place to keep up to date with everything Fantasy Football related! So much so that it has given birth to its own language… For the glossary and perhaps to give you more of an idea about the group check out THE BOOK OF CONTS

If interested please send your mobile number to us and we will add you.

The group includes people of all ages, up and down the country, and even across the world, all joined by a love of Fantasy Football. Some of the group post a lot, some hardly ever post at all, it’s up to you.



**Whatsapp Group Health Warning**

We advise you to turn off notifications in the group settings as there can be a lot of messages, especially around matchdays!



Join the FFUK Facebook group below to be kept up to date with all the latest news from FFUK HQ! Over 160 of the league are already in and its an easy way to keep up to date with everything.


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The FFUK YouTube Channel features all the videos that we record including cup draws, FFUK with us and MEET THE FFUKers.

Please remember these guidelines:

  • Keep it football related and friendly
  • Many people in our community do not know each other personally
  • All are welcome

The WhatsApp group is NOT the place for:

  • Deliberately giving false team/injury news
  • Talking about knitting, DIY, or your supermarket shopping
  • Racism/Politics/Religion
  • Abuse

Here at FFUK we endeavour to make everything fun and friendly, please feel free to join us! And remember, there’s more than one way to FFUK!