How you doing? Good weekend?I can almost feel myself starting to weep. Hold on, I’m going to put on some Elton John. I just want to tell you that I really, really care about my fantasy football team. It’s like love, it’s like magic. It’s the miracle of life. One day in July the game […]

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WAKE UP – Resurrections

Well hello FFUKers, here we find ourselves on the precipice of FPL season 22/23, full of hopes, dreams and expectation for our 276th iteration of our squads. Probably 277th by the time you finish reading this treasure trove of stats from the vault. It does have that feeling of Christmas Eve within the WhatsApp chat […]

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As you may know by now, we also run several popular side games for anyone that wants to get even more involved throughout the season. For more info see below, these are all additional entry fees on top of the main entry fee and open to everyone in the FFUK league. Please ensure you have […]


THE FFUK Awards 21/22

The new season is nigh, players prices released, and the game is fully reloaded…’AND IT’S LIVE’! Before we all get lose our summers stuck behind green squad screens and over-analysing friendly games in the arse-end of nowhere, lets take a step back and take stock of the highs and lows of last season. It’s time […]

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