GW15 – Return of the Kings

Going into GW15, the penultimate GW before the World Cup ‘break’, we were very much hitting peak ‘Ha Ha Haaland’, but as they say, he who laughs last laughs loudest… or do they?! With no early kick offs, it meant we had the excitement of FOUR, yes FOUR 1500 kick offs. But soon this excitement […]

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ffuk cup – october scores

October marks the Second Round of the Cup and the busiest round of fixtures in the season, with 128 teams battling across six gameweeks for a place in the Third Round. In a month that started with a Haaland hattie, we saw City losing to Liverpool before sitting out a midweek round of fixtures in […]

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City of stars, Are you shining just for me? or maybe this one……….. We all dream of it, we go there every week, we know what we get in Ha Ha Land. We pay the money, the beer flows like water, we score mucho points. Not this week……… the sun was not shining in Ha […]


gw13 review – Substitute

You think we look pretty good togetherYou think my shoes are made of leather But I’m a substitute for another guyI look pretty tall but my heels are highThe simple things you see are all complicatedI look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated, yeah The simple things you see are all complicated…… If ever there […]

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