ffuk cup – october scores

October marks the Second Round of the Cup and the busiest round of fixtures in the season, with 128 teams battling across six gameweeks for a place in the Third Round. In a month that started with a Haaland hattie, we saw City losing to Liverpool before sitting out a midweek round of fixtures in […]

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FFUK Cup – October Fixtures

And the draw for the Second Round of the FFUK Cup is: Fixture October Fixtures 1 Jamie Cooper Vs Jamie Stephens 2 Kevin Ryan Vs Alex Smith 3 Vikram Marwaha Vs Ben Harta 4 Steve Scott Vs Chris Webb 5 Clayton Deakin Vs Jennifer Allen 6 Matt Wasserberg Vs Lewis Bell 7 darren mckeown Vs […]

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FFUK Cup – september scores

Well that was an interesting ride. Little did we know at the start of the Cups that the world would again throw us a massive curveball and interrupt our beloved FPL. That’s life, as they say, and it’s getting to be life as we know it… GW6 was a relatively straight forward affair, a low […]

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FFUK Cup – 1st ROUNd

And the 1st Round Cup Fixtures are in: 1 Jamie Cooper vs Bye 2 Kevin Ryan vs Bye 3 Vikram Marwaha vs Bye 4 Steve Scott vs Bye 5 Clayton Deakin vs Bye 6 Matt Wasserberg vs Bye 7 darren mckeown vs Bye 8 Kevin Flynn vs Bye 9 Ray Flynn vs Bye 10 Tony […]

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THe cups 2022/23

DEAR FFUKERS. WELCOME TO THE CUPS. Dear FFUKers If it gives us great pleasure to announce the 2022/23 Cups! Firstly, a big thank you to Paul Baker who has done some phenomenal hard work in recent seasons to make the cups exciting and dynamic, we all had lots of fun along the way. Paul’s taking […]

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How you doing? Good weekend?I can almost feel myself starting to weep. Hold on, I’m going to put on some Elton John. I just want to tell you that I really, really care about my fantasy football team. It’s like love, it’s like magic. It’s the miracle of life. One day in July the game […]

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GW19 review – white rabbit

Well what a lovely time of the season. Christmas is here, or Christmas was there, we get to invest a load of energy into choosing presents, sorting out plans, cancelling plans, taking lateral flow tests just so we can spend time with others, and eating turkey. No one likes turkey. As we know the best […]

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WELCOME TO THE GW35 REVIEW – TRIPLE TROUBLE It’s almost the end of the season, and it’s been a tough year. For many of us, our communities have been a lifeline, buying shopping for neighbours, throwing stones at outsiders, or all getting together for a good protest about the other humans taking the last piece […]



I feel now, like every gameweek actually starts the gameweek before. That must mean now, that I’m still in the previous gameweek double gameweek 24, which, to be fair, is very handy for writing about it, but as we’ve started this way, really we’re going to have to go back to gameweek 23. Gameweek 23 […]