City of stars, Are you shining just for me? or maybe this one……….. We all dream of it, we go there every week, we know what we get in Ha Ha Land. We pay the money, the beer flows like water, we score mucho points. Not this week……… the sun was not shining in Ha […]


gw13 review – Substitute

You think we look pretty good togetherYou think my shoes are made of leather But I’m a substitute for another guyI look pretty tall but my heels are highThe simple things you see are all complicatedI look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated, yeah The simple things you see are all complicated…… If ever there […]

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FFUK Cup – October Fixtures

And the draw for the Second Round of the FFUK Cup is: Fixture October Fixtures 1 Jamie Cooper Vs Jamie Stephens 2 Kevin Ryan Vs Alex Smith 3 Vikram Marwaha Vs Ben Harta 4 Steve Scott Vs Chris Webb 5 Clayton Deakin Vs Jennifer Allen 6 Matt Wasserberg Vs Lewis Bell 7 darren mckeown Vs […]

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FFUK Cup – september scores

Well that was an interesting ride. Little did we know at the start of the Cups that the world would again throw us a massive curveball and interrupt our beloved FPL. That’s life, as they say, and it’s getting to be life as we know it… GW6 was a relatively straight forward affair, a low […]

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Welcome to the GW8 Review – Farewell Hello FFUK, it has been a while. As im sure you all know GW7 was cancelled as HRH Elizabeth the 2nd shuffled off this mortal coil and the country was given time to grieve, football was back wonderfully but fleetingly for GW8, however we must now bid football […]


FFUK Cup – 1st ROUNd

And the 1st Round Cup Fixtures are in: 1 Jamie Cooper vs Bye 2 Kevin Ryan vs Bye 3 Vikram Marwaha vs Bye 4 Steve Scott vs Bye 5 Clayton Deakin vs Bye 6 Matt Wasserberg vs Bye 7 darren mckeown vs Bye 8 Kevin Flynn vs Bye 9 Ray Flynn vs Bye 10 Tony […]

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