gw14 rEVIEW – Sweet disposition

WELCOME TO THE GW14 REVIEW – SWEET DISPOSITION A moment, a goalA dream aloudA booking, a cleanie goneOur rights, our wrongsTo Transfer,to hit, to hold to notA dream aloudA moment, a loveA dream aloud – of winning the cup Sweeeeet DisposItion – That’s how it felt for this writer on Tuesday night (well actually Wednesday […]

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GW13 REVIEW – Lucky man

GW13 Review – Unlucky for some, but maybe he is a LUCKY MAN! When I delved into the Lyrics for LUCKY MAN by the Verve, it kicked off with ‘its life, its life, its life’ – I think this is a pretty solid reflection of most of our outlooks on everything FPL? Right?! I mean, […]

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WELCOME TO THE GW12 REVIEW – BLINDING FFUKing LIGHTS…… We woke on post IB day Friday rubbing our eyes, what had we witnessed, we had been Blinded by a ‘world class’ Harry Kane, scoring about 17 goals against the super powers and might that is San Marino & Albania!!! FPL was back. Thank FFUK. Shortly […]

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WELCOME TO THE GW 9 REVIEW – FALL TO PIECES This GW was defined my those that ‘fell to pieces‘! Without further ado, hello Man Utd 👋 Definition of ‘Fall to Pieces’: – ‘to break up, come apart or disintegrate’ Pretty much sums things up! Liverpool were ruthless, Utd toothless. This brings us nicely onto […]


GW8 REVIEW – black and white town

WELCOME TO THE GW8 REVIEW  BLACK AND WHITE TOWN  Here comes the action Here it comes at last Lord give me a reaction Lord give me a chance  I don’t know if an opening verse could better sum up my anticipation of FPL’s return after an international break.  As is usually the case, this international break didn’t arouse me much.  Scotland […]

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GW7 Review – BallinG

WELCOME TO THE GW7 REVIEW BALLING So here we go again, it’s that time of the season.  I have pressed the button. An awful showing in GW6 had left me biting my fingernails right up until the final whistle of the last game. Crystal Palace 1- Brighton 1 had seen me scrape through the Conts […]

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