FFUK: THE CUPS 2016/17

As I’m sure you are all aware, the Europa league has been drawn, the Champions League group stage has been drawn, the EFL is underway and the FA Cup Qualifying 1st Round is playing out this very weekend.

Now all that is very well, but surely the most important Cups are our own 2016/17 FFUK Cup and Challenge Cup! So what does FFUK have in store for you in the way of cups this season?

Those of you who played last season will remember that 96 of the 116 league players were entered into the cups, and with two chances for the best 64 teams. We have made some changes to the Cups this season, primarily because we will now have a whopping 192 teams playing cup football this season. This has meant we have more fixtures, but also, that there is more cash in the Cup prize pot.

If you have checked the Prizemoney tab you will have already seen that the prizes for the winners of both the FFUK Cup and the Challenge Cup have both increased; to £200 for the FFUK and £150 for the Challenge winners. Not bad hey? This means that winning the FFUK Cup is now the third highest prize in the game.

How it works

Firstly, all teams will be seeded in the month of October. Players will be seeded according to their monthly scores for October (not for their overall league position). This means that in theory, the player that starts the month bottom of the league can still finish it as 1st place in the Cup seedings, regardless of their league position.

The FFUK Cup

The highest placed 64 teams in October will be entered into the FFUK Cup, with the first round to be played in December. The draw for the FFUK Cup will be carried out live in November (we will update you on the exact date accordingly). All matches for the FFUK Cup will be arranged by live draws, meaning that anything can happen, every single round.

  • Qualifying: October (GW8, GW9 & GW10)
  • Live Video Draw: November (date TBC)
  • First Round: December, 64 teams
  • Second round: January, 32 teams
  • Third round: February, 16 teams
  • Quarter Finals: March, 8 teams
  • Semi Finals: April, 4 teams
  • Final: May, 2 teams.

Prizes: Winner – £200 Runner Up – £100


The Challenge Cup

After the top 64 teams have been entered into the FFUK Cup, the next 128 teams will be entered into the Challenge Cup (seeds 65-192), with the first round to be played in November. This means the cup will effectively start as soon as October is complete. There will be no draw for the Challenge Cup but instead games will be played as per seedings eg. Seed 65 vs Seed 192, Seed 66 vs Seed 191 etc. The second round will be played as Winner of Game 1 v Winner of Game 64, Winner of Game 2 v Winner of Game 63.

Full Challenge Cup Fixtures will be released as soon as possible following the end of October.

  • Seeding: October (GW8, GW9 & GW10)
  • First Round: November, 128 teams
  • Second Round: December, 64 teams
  • Third round: January, 32 teams
  • Fourth Round, February, 16 teams
  • Quarter Finals: March, 8 teams
  • Semi Finals: April, 4 teas
  • Final: May, 2 teams.

Prizes: Winner – £150 Runner Up – £75

In the event of a tie in qualifying, or any cup fixture, the winner will be decided by overall FPL rank.


We will update you accordingly with Cup draw dates, please check the Cup tabs for more info.

As always, best of luck to one and all.

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