Now while I’m not sure how many are now following the Cups, I assure you that for many, the Cups will prove to be season defining.

It could be said that different tactics can apply in the cups, as ultimately round on round, we are up against just one other person, and at this stage of the season, for some, winning this one match is more important than league placing, or anything else.

Plus, as the quarter finals of the two cups come to a close it is worth remembering that we are now just one round away from prizes, as the runner up in both the FFUK Cup and the Challenge Cup will receive cash prizes. And it’s even better for the winners!


Chris carried out the Semi-Final draw as part of our recent FFUK With Us video on Tuesday 21st March (at the top of this post), and even that seems like a long time ago, in this eternity that is the international break. The draw means that the Semi Final will play as follows (and yes that is my name in the mix).


Jimmy Prebble v Peter Cronin

Scott Volker v Nick Johns

I can’t say I was disappointed to miss Nick Johns in the Semi Final, the guy is simply on fire. I’ve seen it before, and names like Tim McEwan, Paul Baker, Neil Stewart and Jamie Stewart (even Chris Galloway too) have all rightfully earned their places in the Fantasy Hall of Fame of my heart. Nick Johns will almost certainly go on to be added to that list. Nick dispatched Neil Freeland in the quarter final and this win simply goes to underline Nick’s supreme consistency. Still, of course I will be gunning for Scott Volker (The Phoenix) in the semis. Edging past Dean Collins in the quarters after a -8 surgery in the final gameweek of the month. Costa, Siggy and King came in for Scott but as is often the case, the captain choice of Lukaku (over Dean’s Costa choice) made the difference, and saw Scott through.


I took an aggressive approach to the final gameweek of the month, especially as Mark Leathem was sitting pretty 11 points ahead of me. Many would snort at me not saving the bench boost chip for a double gameweek, but last season, a relatively high but not prize winning league position pushed me to take a different approach here. I still have a wildcard for later on, as well as the triple chip, so using the bench boost in this round seemed like a decent gamble. I owe my success primarily to the Burnley/Sunderland 0-0 which meant clean sheets for both my keepers, Heaton and Pickford, who also picked up save points and both achieved 3 points bonus each. Beyond that, the bench boost meant I didn’t have to pick from Andy Carroll, Llorente, Brunt, Josh King etc and meant I could play all my big guns too. Fortunately this was enough to see me through and well played to Leafy!

Jimmy P succeeded by 11 points over Olly Wimshurst, with a back-firing hit in GW29 handing Jimmy the win. I would say that Jimmy’s transfers of  Mane and Milner to Hazard and Alli (-4) appear bold. Strangely they proved excellent moves, as Alli got on the scoresheet while Mane did not, and Hazard not playing meant that Everton’s Tom Davies came off the bench with an assist. Combined with a double-digit return from Lanzini, Mr Wimshurst was downed.



What can I tell you about the Challenge Cup? Well I can tell you that I’d love to hear from anyone who’s through to the Semis, particularly as the final is just 6 gameweeks away. A couple of the scores for March were less than impressive, and we’re keen to know how it is for the players? The prizes for the Challenge Cup are £150 for the Winner and £75 for the Runner Up, up for grabs between these, the final four:


Toby Jones (10th) v Tom Aitchison (31st)

Jamie Cooper (54th) v Louise Wilcockson (81st)

Notably, Toby Jones and Tom Aitchison were among the highest March scores (9th and 13th for the month) for all the FFUK teams and will now face eachother in a crucial stand off. Toby won his Quarter final by a margin of 43 points so he has the form, as well as having AOA and TC chips at his disposal. Tom Aitchison has a couple of injury problems to contend with, Antonio and Coleman likely to inspire a hit or two to start the round off. Jamie Cooper managed to scrape through on 115 points for the month vs Billy Dainton whilst Louise Wilcockson took her impressive run to Craig Sharman, winning by 4 points, the price of just one cheeky hit.

To everyone, best of luck for the run in, and watch out for more news coming soon!

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