Mike Dean says that’s it. No more time to tinker!

Whallop. That’s it. The deadline has passed and there is nothing we can do now. Buckle up. The Premier League season is up and running. GW1 is up and running. Sky Sports has a purpose again. The team news is in! Is he or isnt he there? Our sides are selected. We can do no more. This is what we have all been waiting for.

The time for doubting and deliberating is over (for a bit). Well done for making it in, we have record numbers in the FFUK league once again (Shout-out to the FFUK Agents for that one) and that means more prizes. Welcome once again for those that know and a big FFUK Welcome to all the new players. Come in, take your shoes off, hang your hat on the hook in the hall, make yourself at home and most importantly… Relax. You have earnt it….


Its finally arrived, we have been waiting for this one for quite a while. While we tot up the numbers (we will confirm totals ASAP) and collate the monies pat yourself on the back, look confident, there is a reason you picked that team, there must be 😉 Enjoy all the football this weekend. Behind the scenes Pete’s colour coded spreadsheet has almost run out of colours. We are ready. Are you? This is it. Here. We. Go.

conte celebrates

Lets hope we are all celebrating like Conte above at some point this weekend. This is a time full of optimism and belief before we all panic and wildcard in GW3. Make sure you have signed up to our Facebook Group or Twitter to keep up to date with the latest FFUK news and for those of you who are brave enough come and join us in the WhatsApp group for 24/7 updates. Check out the Social page for more details on all of this.

That’s it not a long post, just to let you know, maybe we need a song, how about…?

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