Round 4: Gameweek 20 …..

Firstly, apologies for the lack of a Round 3 update – I posted a brief roundup on the WhatsApp Group, but Christmas somewhat got ahead of me so didn’t get around to the full update.

Round 3 of the FPL Cup saw the number of FFUK participants reduced from 55 to 35.

Round 4 (Gameweek 20) has seen that number reduced further (as we would expect) to 20 – amounting to 9% of total FFUK teams. That does mean that 57% of teams playing won their fixtures, more than the expected number of 50% – so again a good performance from FFUK.

We had a lot of high-ranked fallers in Round 3. Darren McKeown, Jamie Stewart, Daron Russell and Dave Foster, all solid top 50 operators, all lost. Our highest-ranked remaining FPL Cup competitor is now Dean Collins. After a stellar December when he only missed out on the FFUK Manager of the Month award by one-point (and which took a Free Hit from Neil Goodwin to keep him at bay) Dean is now 10th in FFUK and flying in the FPL Cup. He plays Clares Crumpets in Round 5, a team that hasn’t made a transfer since GW17, so doesn’t have any of the form Man United players – Dean then firm favourite to progress again.

Of the 15 fallers in Round 4 the heaviest defeat was suffered by Daron “Dazzer” Russell who got walloped by 35 points. The highest scoring winner was Duncan Galloway who recorded a splendid 34-point victory over his opponent. There were no draws among the 35 fixtures including FFUK teams. The 20 remaining FFUKers in the FPL Cup represent 0.0076% of FPL teams still in the competition, an improvement on the 0.0067% from Round 3. Looking at the average decay rate of participating FFUK teams in the FPL Cup, I predict our final team will exit in Round 11, Gameweek 27, the round of 4,096.

Yours truly has made it through again, recording a 58-37 win over Mansion Goat. Pogba and Rashford came to my rescue in style. I have somehow drawn a ghost team in Round 5 (surprised there’s any of them left!) so have high hopes of progressing again (I brought Robertson into my first XI to cover one of their picks!).

Finally, as there’s now so few of us left, let’s list those still flying the flag for FFUK:

  • Paul Reid
  • Joe Pizans
  • Dean Collins
  • James Amar
  • Stuart Newton
  • John Parkinson
  • David Lambert
  • Craig Sharman
  • Matt Frost
  • Duncan Galloway
  • Paul Baker
  • Richard Green
  • Olly Wimshurst
  • Ben Carter
  • Andy Caulfield
  • Chris Panayi
  • Jamie Allaway
  • James Page-Chatton
  • Stephen Fielden
  • James Ollier


Who will win the FPL Cup this season?


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