FFUK Cup – september scores

Well that was an interesting ride. Little did we know at the start of the Cups that the world would again throw us a massive curveball and interrupt our beloved FPL. That’s life, as they say, and it’s getting to be life as we know it…

GW6 was a relatively straight forward affair, a low scoring week in which Salah blanked (again) and Haaland scored (again). As we know, GW7 was completely cancelled following the passing of HM the Queen, which meant that chips for the week were reinstated, and we all had to sit in fear waiting for GW8 announcements.

GW8 went ahead with 7 matches meaning a few more than usual Wildcards were played, the odd Free Hit was brought out from back pocket, and the template got even tighter for a week.

A brutal month in the Cup then, with little control over our destiny, and as is often the case, a player or two making a massive difference (see Rashford GW6 or Saliba GW8).

The round scores:

Jamie Cooper109vsBye
Kevin Ryan99vsBye
Vikram Marwaha93vsBye
Steve Scott110vsBye
Clayton Deakin87vsBye
Matt Wasserberg103vsBye
darren mckeown131vsBye
Kevin Flynn104vsBye
Ray Flynn96vsBye
Tony Lee105vsBye
Ashley Mather101vsBye
Donal Healy95vsBye
David Harrison98vsBye
Toby Glicher102vsBye
David Moore129vsBye
Craig Sharman92vsBye
Steven Hansell99vsBye
Brendan Ryan110vsBye
Peter Brooks91vsBye
Harry Dickinson96vsBye
Chris Brophy93vsBye
Jonathan Morgan114vsBye
Mark Storrar99vsBye
Ben Pycz92vsBye
Marcus Holford101vsBye
Vince Siracusa114vsBye
Dave Windsor91vsBye
Steve Cronin101vsBye
Jamie Windsor89vsStuart Loader116
Josh Paxman79vsMark Turnbull93
James Felton96vsJohn Barry76
Will Johnson102vsPaul Blair103
Stan Packham92vsHuggy Huggy100
Damien O’Neill88vsDonald Macaulay102
Richard Green99vsJack Rackley101
Dan Hepworth104vsPaul Griffiths103
Harry Gill117vsMark Jackson116
Clarke Neville86vsgrant lawrie137
Simon Chatten100vsRoss Smith119
Lawrence Sprigings93vsHarvey Smith98
Stephen Johnston111vsJamie Davis115
Sachin Patel124vsAdam White94
Ian Cayley102vsAndy Caulfield88
Daniel Butler117vsCameron Cuthbert88
Kev Preston92vshelen cronin86
mark woods118vsNick Maston139
chris galloway92vsDarryl James104
bryan mallinson95vsDanny Nurse88
Mark Tarbox113vsAlastair McNeil108
Dave Cull103vsAdam Cox124
Alex Sadlier106vsStephen Smith104
Phil Richards100vsMatthew Silley110
Andrew Fletcher115vsSteven Landsborough124
Simon Pascoe108vsGavin Woods94
Adam Aloof101vsDanny Finnigan106
Marc O’Sullivan107vsCharlie Moxon58
Louis Cleggett81vsAndy Gosling132
john Harper142vsRoss Hassell80
Seb Klyen94vsStuart Newton91
Roy Browne91vsPHILIP DEWSNAP116
Jack Lowther93vsSteven Paterson100
jason beal116vsJim Wheat124
Phil Smith119vsChris Norman92
Ben Moxon95vsPICHON YVES101
steven parsons83vsMike Mcbrearty94
Steven Almond91vsAli scott-sheppard89
Alex Kassner106vsTrevor Dennison107
Rob Pitt103vsJames Prebble92
Chris Smith94vsRichard P W-H123
Adrian Brevett93vsConnor Parkes94
Paul Bagshaw136vsAndy Heath81
Dan Hardwick86vsNeil Goodwin121
Paul Austin127vsNeil Stewart82
Rob Harding105vsDean Collins114
Paul Tate80vsJamali Nicolas100
Tina Whitehouse90vsAndrew Fogaty113
John Parkinson106vsStephen Mealor69
James Sheridan79vsMatthew Page-chatton110
sean colohan97vsMatt Packham111
Paul Reid100vsSamuel Jones74
andrew downie108vsPhilip Redgrave110
Paul Marshall86vsjonty cooke87
Tom Page-Chatton102vsElliott Hodgeon109
Fabian Mascoll95vsBernard Perry87
Tim McEwan108vsMark Harrison98
James Tucker112vsJamie Stewart117
Liam Green134vsNeil Gordon89
Andy Craven86vsSteven Mountford95
Dan McBrearty88vsRahul Chudasama101
Joseph Colliass103vsDexter Smith123
Paul Whiteman100vsDean Cummings90
Sam Blake108vsJoseph Mulhern103
tom newman101vsAlly Edwards75
Craig Smith95vsRichard Harrison92
James Coffen101vsNitin Patel94
Shaun Bremner119vsIan Galloway107
Kevin O’ Reilly117vsSteven Coffen96
Andrew Clarke144vsMalek Mansour142
Peter CRONIN94vsAndy Jackson110
James Downie110vsAlan D86
Rod watson84vsJohn Willson104
Ben Carter99vsStephen Fielden86
Janine Goodwin82vsOssama Mouslimani104
John Gordon119vsjames simpson119
Dan Humby101vsMohammed Nasralla100
Iain Sanderson141vsJames Page-Chatton122
Sean Griffin119vsChris Whiteman99
mark leathem115vsKushal Shah120
Rob Latuske114vsRoni Friel122
Dips Shah109vsMarcus Blowers115
Robert Simpson130vsLiz Colman106
Tim Carter93vsJohn Stevens119
Alfie Raistrick107vsJames Amar98
Justin Mc Carthy82vsDuncan Hannigan113
Omar AlKhayyat101vsSCOTT HASSELL122
Nick Hardie102vsPaul Baker90
Ameet Shah103vsSami Afuni96
Duncan Galloway98vsHaroon Rashid108
Danny Burgess100vsJames Nalepa129
Jake Walker100vsAaron Smith125
Oliver Molloy120vsFrankie Watson108
John Gleeson94vsStuart Allen93
Daron Russell104vsLewis Bell116
Jennifer Allen112vsStuart Bennette95
Chris Webb125vsBen Eastwood84
Vladimirs Voronkovs85vsBen Harta105
Jack Mosley95vsAlex Smith104
Alan Windsor91vsJamie Stephens109

The eagle eyed among you, particularly John Gordon and James Simpson, may have noticed that their match was the only draw here, with both teams finishing on 119 points for the month. As per the rules for the Cups, this match goes down to a tiebreak then, with sad news for James as John goes through on goals scored in the final gameweek of the month.

So Summer is over, September is over, and unfortunately the FFUK Cup is over for many of us, myself included. If you did make it through to the Second Round, see the accompanying post for your October fixtures.

For now, be good, and if you can’t be good, be lucky.

Pete and Steve Cronin

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