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A big welcome to the first Cupdate of 2017 and happy new year to one and all!

New Year's doodle card

All scores have been updated on the tabs for both the FFUK CUP and CHALLENGE CUP fixtures for December.

Commiserations to those who didn’t make it through and of course, big congratulations to those who won their fixtures!


Their were plenty of decent matches played out, top of the league Stuart Newton (1st) beat Stuart Raine (73rd) by 35 points underlining his stature at the summit. Sean Colohan (3rd) lost out to Jim Wheat (6th) despite placing in the Top 30 highest scores for December. A number of fixtures were won and lost by a margin of 3 points, while Jimmy Prebble (12th) drew with Josh Kelly (19th) on 325 points. That fixture went to overall ranking and therefore Jimmy won.

That’s not to say it was all big guns though as a number of players won their fixtures from Page 2 of the league, as well as a couple from Page 3. Plus, the fact that there were six gameweeks in December meant that there were many changes in fortune through the month, with a number of fixtures taken right to the wire!


The draw for Round 2 was carried out in Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia,  5.30 am GMT 02/01/17.

Round 2 – January – Gameweeks 20,21,22 & 23

  1. Marcus Blowers v Andy Jackson

  2. Pete Cronin v Mike Cronin

  3. Kevin Trotter v Olly Wimshurst

  4. James Sheridan v James Prebble

  5. Rob Eade v Jamie Stewart

  6. David Pegg v Chris Ward

  7. Stuart Newton v Euan Philips

  8. Scott Volker v Chris Norman

  9. Paul Monger v Damien O’Neill

  10. Mark Leathem v Christopher Reynolds

  11. Sean Griffin v Richard Harrison

  12. Peter Hill v Alberto Mario Schena

  13. Dean Collins v Richard Green

  14. Neil Freeland v Jim Wheat

  15. Matt Reid v Nick Johns

  16. Mev Berwick v Paul Austin

A number of fruity fixtures in there then including my own, but there are bigger fixtures than that. Our newest contributor, Matt Reid (9th) is up against Nick Johns (2nd) which has to be the fixture of the round, a top of the table clash between two consistent performers. Two Jimmy’s will fight it out in the fourth fixture, while Richard Harrison (92nd) is up against another former schoolmate (Sean Griffin 68th) after beating Mark Turnbull (114th) in the previous round. 3rd for December Dean Collins (61st) will play Richard Green (11th), while Euan Philips (99th) has a chance to be giant slayer versus Stuart Newton (1st).



This round of the Challenge Cup, in my opinion, saw a number of the ‘less serious’ players sink to those with everything still to play for. Case in point, 196th for the month of December,  Lee Macnamara (173rd), lost by 135 points to 2nd for December, Tom Wollin (15th). Likewise another of the Macnamara’s, James (104th), won his fixture by a similar margin, 108 points, versus Conor Andrews (187th). I suspect that the fixtures will be slightly tighter for the February 3rd round games. However, a number of ‘big names’ fell foul in December, including a number of former prizewinners and former chairman, Ian Galloway. Ian G (63rd) lost out to John Gordon (105th), who achieved the highest score for the month of December, 378 points. An inspiring win from John.



Round 3 – January – Gameweeks 20,21,22 & 23

1 Dhiren Shah v Tom Galloway
2 Paul Vincent v Gavin Buckland
3 Natalie McKenna v Reece Richardson
4 Stan Packham v Adam Howarth
5 Neil Gordon v Nick Richardson
6 Dan Calabrese v Alex Schroffenegger
7 Sam Blake v Mark Ford
8 Andrew Peace v Toby Jones
9 Donald Macauley v Vivaek Venkat
10 Billy Dainton v Tom Wollin
11 John Gordon v Louise Wilcockson
12 Tom Aithison v Joe Traynor
13 Kieran Webb v Jamie Radford
14 Craig Sharman v Nick Verardi
15 Jamie Cooper v Graham Brooks
16 James Macnamara v Andrew Roberts

All Challenge Cup fixtures are arranged as winner of game 1 vs winner of game 32, winner of game 2 vs winner of game 31, winner of game 3 vs winner of game 30, and so on… To work out the next fixtures of the Challenge Cup simply use the same method eg. winner of game 1 vs winner of game 16, winner of game 2 vs winner of game 15 etc.

Many thanks and best of luck to one and all, league, cup, manager of the month and best gameweek score there is still everything to play for!


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