Gameweek 6 complete. How did you get on?

It was a good week for those who owned the hottest budget players like Mahrez, Vardy, Martin & Ighalo. Meanwhile the premium players are just starting to awaken from their slumber and Hazard got his best GW score so far this season (10).

In the FFUK league Lester Deeble (1st) remains at the pinacle with a solid 55 point score. Close behind is Vivaek Venkat (2nd). Jonathan Britcher (3rd) scored an impressive 59 points as did Paul Baker (6th). Matthew Wright (4th) and Toby Glicher (5th) complete the top 5. Nick Page Chatton (8th) had a week to forget only scoring 26 points, he must be cursing Silva’s injury as Benteke was VC and also went off injured at half time! In general it was solid scoring for most of page 1 of the league, in fact there is only 60 odd points between the top of the league and Duncan Galloway (50th). Somehow Pete Cronin (42nd) is yet to capitulate, he must be getting tips from his sister, Amy Cronin (9th). Looking further down the league there are only 50 points between Lawrie Smith (51st) and Grant Lawrie (100th) so one good captain choice can get you climbing that leaderboard and forgetting all of your fantasy troubles.

So… Arsenal capitulated, Chelsea are back in some sort of form, Man United have a new star in the making, City suffer second loss in a week without their captain and midfield wizard, making their unbeaten start to the season a distant memory. This leaves Leicester as the only team in the league who are still undefeated. Can Ranieri’s men keep this up? The 2 northeast teams look doomed even at this early stage, has anyone got any Sunderland or Newcastle players stinking up their squads?

Now we have a Martial bandwagon to decide on, can he keep this up? He has increased in price to 8.2 already off the back of 2 very impressive performances and his price looks to contnue rising. With Sunderland up next it looks a no brainer but LVG has said he wont start every game and Utd’s fixture schedule is extremely tricky in October. It is these decisions that make or break a fantasy managers season. Have you made up your mind that you are bringing him in or are you going to wait to see how he performs in the tougher fixtures and if he is guaranteed to start every game? The most popular forward in the game, Benteke (32.4%) now has a hamstring injury and rumours are rife on twitter that liverpool fear it might be a bad one. The switch to Martial is the most obvious move to make, isnt it?

More importantly, have you made it to Page 1 of the leaderboard?

Look below to find out…

Screenshot 2015-09-22 at 4.45.59 PM

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