It’s Sunday night, in the middle of the international break. I’m broken. I’m devoid. I’m listless. I have not an ounce of inspiration left in me. There was an option of watching the second leg of the Norway v Hungary Euro qualifier just to make me feel normal but I went for the film, John Carter instead. It’s rubbish. I’m not watching it. I was at a wedding yesterday so some ‘light action’ was all I wanted to see. I’m going to have to switch to some drama soon. Probably when the takeaway arrives.

Last week there was all sorts of excitement as the FFUK Cup got underway. This week? Nothing. Nothing…

All we can do while we wait is over-think our transfers while faux injuries perplex us. That said, the Payet problem definitely provides a nice shake up and we’ll have to wait and see who comes out of this break still fit and playing. It’s a time to prepare and to consolidate our squads to see us through the crucial Christmas period. But, there are no more international breaks until March now. And I am so grateful. I miss you football. I miss you Premier League. I miss you FFUK.

So tell me?

Next Saturday right?

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