In honour of Jamie Vardy’s phenomenal run of scoring this edition of FFUK the Music is dedicated to Leicester’s no. 9. He now sits ahead of some impressive names after beating Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s Premier League Record. Who would bet against him scoring again this weekend?


First up we go to the Godfather of Soul for inspiration. Amongst this legend’s catalogue of classic tracks is this beauty, which also featured in the film Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels. Why have we picked it? Well the answer is simple,  Jamie Vardy is the Boss.

Next up is a track from my youth, back in 1993 they realeased an album called Very Necessary (which Jamie Vardy is) and from this album comes the track, Whatta Man. What a Man Jamie Vardy is!

The final selection is a bit more recent, released just last year, to massive acclaim. Another track worthy of Jamie Vardy, after all he’s the Man.


vardy party

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