Why does it all feel so quiet? What has happened? There was football on last weekend, there is football on this weekend, and there has been European matches through the week. So why so quiet? In this strange season seemingly anything could happen. Leicester are top of the league, Watford are 10th and Chelsea are in 14th. And it’s not early season, that’s after 15 games.

Aguero’s still injured, as is Sanchez, and looking back, their explosions seem like a long time ago now. Last season’s top FPL player and award winner Eden Hazard has still scored just a single goal in 15 league games.

Is all this unpredictability getting to us? Over a third of the way through the season we’re risking everything because it seems more viable that Watford’s Odion Ighalo will score more goals than Harry Kane…

We have to stop worrying guys. The fun is in the playing, not the winning right? And if Mahrez and Vardy carry on scoring goals all season then we won’t have to worry, will we?

In the meantime, Enjoy the Silence.

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