Well my team is all set for the weekend I think. I am hoping to save a transfer to give me optimum flexibility through the Xmas period. However, it has been noted that the fixtures this coming GW throw up somewhat of an anomaly. The 4 most popular teams for fantasy picks this season play each other this weekend!

In Leicester City Vs Everton popular picks such as Simpson, Mahrez, Vardy, Barkley, Deulofeu & Lukaku square up to each other on Saturday afternoon. Then we wait until Monday Night Football for Arsenal vs Manchester City where regular favourites including Kolarov, KDB, Silva, Giroud, Ozil, Bellerin, Ramsay and co fight it out for supremacy. Anyone got Aguero to add to this mix?

So therein lies the conundrum, some in the FFUK league have as many as 10 players in their squad who will feature in these 2 fixtures (not naming any names Lester Deeble). Others are more fortunate but may still have 6 players or over half of their first XI in this juicy double header. Do we make transfers now to get out these players who we may well want again next week? It doesn’t seem to make sense but this season hasn’t made much sense either!

As I see it you have 2 options, firstly you stick with your team, trust your players, and hope to ride it out. Well you are firmly in the “I’m putting all the eggs in one basket” camp, which is where I am currently. However, there is still time for me to change my mind. In the meantime here’s a little Louis & Ella to make you feel a bit better about putting all your eggs in the one basket…

The alternative option is to make changes, this could be the week where it all goes right, alter your team, it’s now or never, you will live and die by these decisions, could be a touch of genius, whatever happens you will be a bit more like Jon Bon Jovi and he always seems to do ok. But are you going down in a blaze of glory?

Either way this GW is the start of the crazy Xmas fixture frenzy, this could mean the whole thing starts with a bang or more probably in my case, a whimper, great timing as we are now half way through the latest cup ties! Good Luck to one and all (except Paul)

As I am writing this I am hearing Jose Mourinho has been sacked. Can’t say I am surprised. Not sure how I feel about it, when it first happened at the end of his first tenure I was stunned, numb for days afterwards. This time it feels different. Not sure I would have made same decision but I understand it. I blame the current plight far more on the players personally, I don’t need to name names, we all know which players have let the club down. Changes need to be made, a new man at the helm might freshen things up. Who is next in line for the Stamford Bridge hotseat? Will it be a return for Ancelotti or Hiddink or will Roman get Guardiola? or is there someone else?

Look out for the next FFUK the Music – a Xmas special!

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