Need something to take your mind off the debacle that was GW21? I do. Once I recover from the disappointment and I can muster up the strength to write the GW review you will be first to see it. Until then…

The finish line is almost in sight (sort of). Lets talk about the end of season awards.

I know from speaking with a lot of you on whatsapp or in person that many are keen to do something at the end of the season to celebrate/comiserate our season in FFUK. Pete & I are very happy to organise something for everyone but I wanted to gauge opinion first and get some feedback about potential ideas.

We have options. This is a good thing. However, the biggest issue to overcome is going to be location as there are 116 managers in the league who are based all over the world. Now  I don’t expect many of the non-UK based managers to attend although we could set up some kind of webcam/google hangouts thing on the night? I would imagine the night  is going to look a little bit like the photo below but more glamorous. I’ll see if Gary Linekar is available to host!


See below for a few proposed options which have come about through early discussions on the whatsapp group. Take a look and if you can think of an alternative or you have an idea of how to improve one of them then please let me know via email, or in the comments below. If someone wants to host a FFUK party then let us know!

Once we have confirmed options we will run a poll on the site and the idea with the most amount of votes we will go for. Can’t say any fairer than that! The poll will be live for one month and then we will choose the most popular. Bingo!


  1. London PubTBC with a private room booked for everyone to meet, few beers, have some food, then awards, then who knows. Probably North/West London but open to suggestions.
  2. Rickmansworth – The White Bear Pub, http://www.thewhitebearbar.co.uk/ Great friendly pub that serves cracking Indian food (and English) plus it shows football on loads of big HD screens. Would suggest we hire an area and book for an England Euro 2016 game. Good transport links (Rickmansworth is on tube met line.)
  3. Golf Weekend – Woodbury – James Page Chatton knows the manager of a lovely golf club resort nr Exeter where we can get preferential rates in the lodges. Suggested plan would include but not be limited to 5-a side footy, golf, drinks, dinner, private room for awards, more drinks, accommodation, breakfast, could do 1 or 2 nights, plenty to do for non-golfers at resort including full use of spa facilities, £45per person per night, plus £20 per round of golf. Dates obviously dependant on availability. http://www.woodburypark.co.uk/
  4. Golfbreaks Weekend – Similar to above but location nearer to London perhaps Newbury? You can normally book 2 rounds golf, dinner, twin accommodation & a hearty breakfast for about £100. I have previously used these guys and they provide a great package, venues all over UK.
  5. Las Vegas – no expense spared, private jets. What happens in Vegas etc.
  6. Other – Anything else, we are open to suggestions? Let me know and if its feasible I can add to the options for the vote!




We will need to decide on a date but I guess we can do that when we know what the options are. Some useful dates below…

  • Sunday 15th May – FPL season ends (full fixture list 3pm KO)
  • Saturday 21st May – FA Cup Final
  • Saturday 11th June – Euro2016 England vs Russia 8pm KO
  • Thursday 16th June – Euro2016 England vs Wales 2pm KO (Wales will win this)
  • Monday 20th June – Euro2016 England vs Slovakia 8pm KO (We will probably be out by this point)




Look forward to hearing your feedback…

Chris (and Pete)

4 thoughts on “END OF SEASON AWARDS

  1. Hi guys. I love this idea. For me the London or Rickmansworth ideas work best – I’d edge towards London just because there’s so many pre/post options available. For date I’d tend to go with either the cup final day or England v Russia. Cup final sounds good as we could watch the game then get some grub afterwards with awards during. Otherwise we’ll be eating and watching which isn’t quite as conducive to banter and awards stuff. Plus it’s more FPL related. It’s my Mum’s birthday that day so will need to start working now on a pass!!! Suggest we try and organise some 5-a-side footy as part of the plan.

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