I don’t know if I’ve ever told anyone this before. Typically on a match day, while Wayne Rooney is soft-rocking-out with a bit of Stereophonics, Danny Studge is probably bumping along with a bit of Drake in his beats. And that’s fine, but for a big match build up clearly neither of those two know the real power of getting their heads banging with the mighty Zeppelin. On a Saturday morning, I get my hair out for some wondrous heavy rock courtesy of Page and Plant. Maybe you should too.



Anyway. With all the massive buzzing about wildcards and bench boosts and double gameweeks and everything else I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the Premier League teams and their motivations this morning.

I’ve heard a lot of people recently talking about how at this stage, some teams have nothing to play for and so they just stop bothering. Personally, I can’t agree with this (while of course it is definitely true for some of them). No! Actually, I think they all have something to play for – yes, they all have to play for Fantasy Football.

So, on this basis, I have worked out some likely predictions for Gameweek 33. If you read this in time you will still be able to alter your team to take full advantage of my tips  😉 .


GW33 Predictions:

West Ham v Arsenal: 2-3

I can’t see Arsenal faltering here with Sanchez back on form. West Ham are a strong attacking side so will definitely score, and it should be close, I expect a last gasp winner.

Villa v Bournemouth: 0-1

Nuff said. Daniels will probably score the goal.

Palace v Norwich: 3-1

This one will be a blinder considering everyone has punted on Palace players this week! Still, I’m pretty sure that Palace will not be able to hold the line at the back (also, Norwich are waiting a couple of weeks to step up proper for their own double).

Southampton v Newcastle: 3-1

As there are a few Saints floating about in people’s squads they are going to try and show Newcastle up. Anyone who risked a ‘Castle defender is likely to be reminded that this was a bad choice and it’s even unlikely that lucky punts are going to get anything out of Mitrobic.

Swansea v Chelsea: 0-0.

Can Siggy keep on scoring? No. I think this might be a freak 0-0, as the Swans defence have a good home record.

Watford v Everton: 2-2

Everyone that has got rid of Watford players is about to be frustrated as they are going to come out guns blazing later. But, so are Everton, as it’s a double gameweek!!!

City v West Brom: 0-1

Bit of a shocker here. Basically City are going to go to sleep and West Brom will nick a goal, Johnny Evans the scorer. KDB owners will be disappointed and everyone will question why they kept Aguero.

Sunderland v Leicester: 0-2

Leicester have realised the biggest prize this season is not the Premier League but is in fact the kudos with which they are venerated by the Fantasy Football community. Yes, Leicester will remind us all that their cheap players can perform again and again. Double for Mahrez, an assist for Vardy and clean sheets all round.

Liverpool v Stoke: 1-0

Liverpool aren’t going to be that energetic but neither are Stoke, they have a few injuries and will know that the likes of Bojan and Joselu are in no one’s teams. Jordan Ibe will score the only goal, to freak us all out. And no one will actually be playing their Liverpool defenders.

Spurs v United: 2-1

Very simple. Spurs are still good and loads of teams still have Kane, Alli, etc. United are inconsistent but will show signs of strength ready for their double next week.

Palace v Everton: 2-2

You will notice that both Everton and Palace have had high scoring fixtures already this week and this will continue on Wednesday so that the likes of Lukaku can get as many points on the board as possible. Expect Barkley to shoot from range and he might even get a lucky deflection. God only knows where the Palace goals will come from, probably Souare, and Zaha, who no one has got.


So yes guys, please try to remember that all the players have stuff still to play for and we should be in for a very exciting week.

Time for some Zeppelin.



Ps. Apparently Juan Mata listens to The Libertines, The Strokes and Beirut. I love all of those bands so am lining him up for my GW34 team right now! And there was me thinking he was a Joe Dolce fan…

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