Good morning gents. And what a morning. By now I will likely be laying in my ditch with marker pen on my face. Yes this weekend I will be on my own stag do… Still, despite that, my main focus will of course be fantasy football. I’ll get up, find my friends, wash my face, get some matchsticks for my eyes and then try and work out what’s going on in the bigges gameweek so far this season.


As far as I can see this gameweek is going to come down to teams in three categories:

The all-out wildcarder: see me (20th) or Chris (13th), we will both be bench-boosting with 14 players playing twice.

The well-prepared non-wildcarder: see Paul Baker (1st), I’m sure he will bench boost with 9 or 10 double gameweek players in a balanced team with x4 Leicester/Spurs players too.

The standard team: these guys are without any chips and only 7 or 8 dgw players. I intend to do my damage here (I can’t really challenge Paul from where I am).

The wildcard team is going to have approximately 29 games this week.

The well-prepared team is going to have some 22-24 games this week, plus the team does not have the 5 or 6 punts/rotation risks that wildcarders have.

The standard team may play as little as 18 games which is, yes, 11 games less than the wildcarders, that’s a whole gameweeks worth (in theory).

As we saw last week, anything can happen on a double gameweek, and Harry Kane may yet be more valuable than any double gameweek player in GW34, so for us wildcarders really it becomes all about playing the odds.

kane and toby

I think the likes of Paul Baker will have something to say about this though. It is easy to forget the possibility of Swansea getting a clean sheet or Josh King getting a couple of goals, and in the past, it’s usually a good balance of players that comes out on top.

Whatever happens, there will be carnage, goals, assists, clean sheets, red cards and penalties. The beauty of a double gameweek is that it’s two gameweeks rolled into one, all the excitement, pain, joy, doubled.

Enjoy the ride!

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