The moment we have all been waiting for…

For those of you involved here is the Live Sweepstake Draw Video. Which team did you get? Which striker will you be watching a lot more closely than usual?

Please find below confirmed names with players and scorers below. Along with the top scorer betting and a prize breakdown.

Player Name – Scorer, Team

1 Andy Faulkner – Benteke, Italy
2 Chris Galloway – Martial, England
3 Dan Calabrese – Gotze, Portugal
4 Dan Mogridge – Mandzukic, Iceland
5 Duncan Galloway – Bale, Switzerland
6 Ian Galloway – Giroud, Austria
7 James Coward – Lewandowski, Romania
8 James Page-Chatton – Pelle, Czech
9 Jamie Stewart – Rooney, Albania
10 Kevin Trotter – Milik, Turkey
11 Lester Deeble – Aduriz, Hungary
12 Mark Tarbox – Kane, Russia
13 Neil Gordon – Ronaldo, Northern Ireland
14 Neil Stewart – Muller, Belgium
15 Olly Wimshurst – Jamie Vardy,  Slovakia
16 Paul Baker – Lukaku, Ukraine
17 Peter Cronin – Zlatan, Croatia
18 Rich Harrison – Gomez, Germany
19 Richard Gazzard – Payet, Wales
20 Rob Harding  – Griezmann, Poland
21 Sam Blake – KDB, France
22 Scott Volker – Morata,Sweden
23 Steve Cronin – Hazard, Spain
24 Steve Fielden – Nolito, ROI

See below for the top 24 scorer as on Betfair yesterday with odds shown.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 at 10.57.37 AM


Each £10 is made up of £7 for the team prize kitty and £3 for the top scorer prize kitty
24 x 7 = £168 is the team prize kitty
Winner £100
Runner Up £50
Wooden Spoon £18 – the team that gets the least amount of points, if tied then least amount of goals scored, if still tied then most amount of goals conceded, if still tied then prize will be split.
24 x 3 = £72 is the top goalscorer prize kitty
The 24 goalscorers will be the top 24 in the betting from Betfair on 9th June – In the event of a tie the first named player will be used. For the purpose of the sweep, only the top 24 players in the betting will be considered for the prize i.e. If some random player from Israel wins it then we will ignore and go the next one down. In the case of a goalscorer dispute or a tie we will go with the UEFA ruling. In the case of the lowest scorer we will take the lowest scorer (of the 24 selected) who has played some part in his team’s matches. If tied then the player with the highest amount of minutes played wins.
Top Goalscorer £42
2nd Goalscorer £20
Lowest Goalscorer £10

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