MEET THE FFUKers – Episode 1

Welcome to a new video series called Meet the FFUKers where we get the chance to meet you guys in the FFUK mini league and chat fantasy football. In this first episode I am joined by Pete and we hear from Daron Russell, Rob Harding, Jamie & Neil Stewart.

We discuss our GW5 performances before debating the Aguero situation, looking at the best clean sheet options this weekend and we pick out a few under the radar options before looking ahead to how our own team’s are set up for GW6.

If you would like to take part in one of these videos in the future please get in touch. We would love to get you involved. We will aim to record one of these videos every month or so, midweek and late evening so we can assess the most recent GW and look ahead to the next one. We have spaces available for Episode 2 at the end of October. Do you want to get involved? Get in touch now and book your space!

Right, enough of this, I must get back to my Wildcard. Agueroooooooooooooo.

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