Welcome along to the gameweek 6 review. I went into the weekend with a shiny new wildcard team. But I missed most of the football with work and a social life taking over. Turns out that was no bad thing. My good start, along with Chelsea’s, has come to a halt. I don’t expect sympathy. Just send me some flowers.

Zlatan was first up for my side and registered nothing as Utd racked up 4 goals against the champions. Should have gone for Danny Blind. Then it got nasty. Baines and Lovren were both omitted from their starting XI’s with little or no prior warning. Klopp did this to me last year. How dare he? Liverpool then went on to make matters worse as Firmino did everything but score points whilst his fellow midfielders got all the rewards. Ouch. Oh Bobby! At least I could rely on Everton. I trusted you Ronald and you never said a thing about Leighton. The Toffees came unstuck at Bournemouth. Nothing for Lukaku. To cut a long story short… basically Stirling and Aguero saved my blushes. Without them this review would have read more like an obituary. My team owe me, it’s PAYBACK time godammit. Relax Chris – it’s just a game. I have to keep telling myself that. My Wildcard has set me up nicely for the next few gameweeks.


What a load of rubbish. This is way more serious. I was rolling with the punches and got caught. My 4 foot putt looks 14 foot now. I have been fishing for hours and only caught this tiddler. Looks like I need to overcome a sticky wicket. Enough of the weird sporting analogies. Mel Gibson called, he is not happy either, I always thought Payback was a decent movie, definitely underrated. A slick homage to the 70s cop thriller with quite a cool soundtrack. Maybe it’s just cos Mel is a bit mental these days.

All of this action has left me bruised and battered. I am wobbling but don’t worry guys I will come back again. Dazed and confused, I could do with another wildcard but even without it, I’ll be ok. The magic sponge has worked. I can feel a tingle. Oh yes. I am rising to my feet again. Watch out FFUKers!


But what of the FFUK league and in particular the top 50, I hear you cry. Well lets take a look at the latest. How did you get on?


First up BIG Congratulations to Ben Beill (41st), the top scorer this gameweek with 82 points. What makes Ben’s score even more remarkable was that he achieved that without Aguero or Zlatan or Lukaku (my front line). His Defoe (13 points) & Rondon (8) combo up top was a winner. Captain Sanchez (28) was fantastic. His double up of Mane (7) & Coutinho (14) was inspired. Even Virgil Van Dijk (5) got in on the act. Cracking work Mr Beill. Send some tips my way for next week please!


Next best was Amar Shah (33rd) with 79 points, another fantastic score. Captain Aguero (26) was a popular pick and rewarded his new owners and punished those who chose to ignore him. Amar supplemented Kuns’s points with 2 more Citizens. KDB (10) and Sterling (6) were clever additions whilst Mr Shah could also rely on Coutinho (14) and even a cheeky Cedric (8) pick! Bravo sir!


With 78 points, James Amar (27th) also had a great weekend. As an Arsenal fan it must have been even sweeter. Congratulations James, i hope the success doesnt go to your head and you start celebrating like you have won the league already 😉 Captain Phil (28) was inspirational. Of course he had Sanchez (14) to get him going with Kun and KDB also getting his pulse racing.

Richard Green (4th) was the best performer in the top 10 with 77 points. Lallana (15) was a wonderful pick, especially as a Liverpool fan. Captain KDB (20) and Aguero (13) turned up. Rashford (6) is also a fascinating pick going forward and will be a popular transfer this week I would imagine.  Another man who will be in vogue is Sanchez (14). Good work Richard!


Top spot this week goes to my nemesis Neil Stewart (1st) with a very respectable 73 points scored. Through gritted teeth I congratulate you. But we both know that league tables don’t mean too much this early in the season 😉 We shared the disappointment of losing Baines but you had plenty of other firepower to fire you to the summit. Captain Kun (26) was aided and abetted by Sanchez (14), Lallana (15) and Sterling (6). It’s a lot better start than Neil had last time round so keep an eye on our former league winner and let’s see if he can resist the charges of those around him. He is the man to beat right now.

For those above this weekend represented a good week. But now lets look at those who were not so unfortunate. The Average score for gameweek 6 was 45 points which coincidentally was my final score. Very average indeed. For some though they fell even below this standard. Let’s now look at those who didnt make the grade this time round…

Marc Speer (35th) was one of these with just 38 points and in fact the only man with a score that began with a 3. Ouch. Captain Lukaku (4) didnt work and it didnt get much better, Marc was thankful that Sanchez (14) got him to some sort of respectability by the end. Nevermind Marc we live and learn. And we live to fight another day!

Yabah Turnbull (45th) didnt fare much better with 40 points accrued. Yabah went with Bobby captain and he didnt deliver either leaving just Aguero and Smith to rescue some salvation.

Dan Mogridge (43rd) did a little better with 42 points but it was nothing to celebrate really. Captain Zlatan (2) was a let down. KDB & Defoe were the only highlights of a below average gameweek for the Mogster.

Another menion this week for Rob Harding (8th) who despite using his Bench Boost chip only mustered 47 points as none of his outfield subs got any playing time at all. This week was certainly the rough to his recent smooths. Has the early success gone to his head? Did his performance in last weeks Meet the FFUKers Video distract him?

Lets talk about Aguero a little more shall we? The Argentinian now appears in 41 out of the top 50 teams. Incredible. Of those 41, he was given the captain’s armband by 36. Pretty impressive stats considering he has missed the 2 previous games.


Our other favourite fantasy fancy is at the other end of the price scale. Etienne Capoue couldnt deliver for his 1.6 million owners this time but he is now in 33 of the top 50 teams. Has his run come to an end or will Watford continue to look dangerous with some great fixtures on the horizon?

That’s it from me. My head is in a spin after all that. I am now even looking at bringing in Theo Walcott and we all know how that ends up. My team owes me. That’s it. Payback time. No more Mr Nice Guy.




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