Congratulations to the 64 below who made it into the FFUK Cup and for those who didn’t, don’t worry, the Challenge Cup is coming your way starting Gameweek 11.



First up, the Top 64 for October who will be entered into the FFUK Cup. There are a number of notable exceptions, which is the beauty of the cup of course; you don’t have to be top of the league to do well. A third of the current Top 50 did not make the FFUK Cup including 3 of the current Top 10, and this despite some massive scores in the final week of qualifying, Gameweek 10.

This means that two thirds of the FFUK Cup is made up of teams from lower down the league including 3 or 4 teams battling it out on Page 4.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that they have achieved their place via their overall rank. This is because places 62-65 were drawn at 158 points meaning that Mark Turnbull scraped into the cup while John Demmel lost out.

This will also be the case in the Challenge Cup, where many places have been worked out by overall rank.

The live FFUK Cup draw will take place on Saturday 12th November with the first round starting in December. More news on this soon. To check how the cup works see details of the FFUK Cup here.

Good luck to one and all.







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