Below you will see all the fixtures for the 1st Round of the Challenge Cup to be played for the Game Month of November. This includes Gameweeks 11, 12 and 13.

Fixtures have been decided by your place for October month (eg. 65th), and then by overall rank (the better your rank the higher you placed for October). Fixtures have then been arranged as 65th vs 192nd, 66th vs 191st, and so on.

The fixtures are as follows:

  1. John Demmel v Joe Hammond

  2. Chris Galloway v Glenn Macnamara

  3. Stephen Fielden v Jake Walker

  4. James Simpson v Stan Packham

  5. Jonny McEwan v Ifran Zaman

  6. Dan Calabrese v Tom Page-Chatton

  7. Robert Simpson v Sam Blake

  8. Phil Smith v Andrew Peace

  9. Jimmy Spence v Lee Hopkins

  10. Barry Clarke v John Harris

  11. Ian Galloway v Vladimir Voronkovs

  12. Ally Edwards v Greg Burns

  13. Paul Huntley v Mike Kebby

  14. Simon Smith v Jonathan Britcher

  15. Jamie Cooper v Marc Speer

  16. Ryan Melville v James Macnamara

  17. Danny Burgess v Andrew Roberts

  18. David Smith v Amar Shah

  19. Sam Parker v Kaine Sinclair

  20. Dylan Fjellstrom v Christie Abbatt

  21. Tim Button v Joe Traynor

  22. Seb Klyen v Louise Wilcockson

  23. Tom Wollin v Andrew Fogarty

  24. Robert Browne v Tom Howland

  25. Steve Cronin v Toby Jones

  26. Mark Ford v Colin Hopkins

  27. Mark Mitchell v David Fitzgerald

  28. Nick Richardson v Josh Prentice

  29. Benjamin Radjenovic v Adam Howarth

  30. Clifford Fox v Reece Richardson

  31. Sergio dos Santos v Matthew Silley

  32. Paul Baker v David Harrison

  33. James Coffen v Tom Galloway

  34. Gavin Buckland v Mark Hunter

  35. Andrew MacDonald v Andy Craig

  36. Neil Stewart v Grant Lawrie

  37. Jim Whitley v Martin Whitlock

  38. Gary Dunbar v Alex Schroffenegger

  39. Daron Russell v Yabah Turnbull

  40. Jose Gavinho v Jack Pound

  41. Lester Deeble v Vivaek Venkat

  42. Tim Webb v Lee Macnamara

  43. Philip Dewsnap v Robert Stormonth

  44. Mark Tarbox v Samuel Calton

  45. Jamie Radford v Mateusz Kaleta

  46. Jordan Davison v Nick Verardi

  47. Graham Brooks v Tom Shurville

  48. Tim McEwan v John McHugh

  49. Conor Andrews v James Coward

  50. Rob Harding v Andy Booth

  51. Craig Sharman v Darren Webb

  52. Kieran Webb v James Page-Chatton

  53. Andrew Turnbull-Kirk v Tom Aitchison

  54. Andy Faulkner v John Gordon

  55. Mark James v Billy Dainton

  56. Tom Shepherd v Donald Macauley

  57. Darrel Cooper v Darren McKeown

  58. Daniel Card v Martin Tickle

  59. Seamus Reid v Alastair McNeil

  60. Neil Gordon v Dave Stone

  61. Cliff Irvine v Joe Warrington

  62. Gregg Dampier v Natalie McKenna

  63. Tom Hunt v Paul Vincent

  64. Rachel Lynch v Dhiren Shah


What a whopper! Just the 64 fixtures then!

There are definitely a few juicy fixtures in there but if yours is a juicy one too then feel free to let me know. I’ll keep an eye on any big matches for the first Cupdate in December.

For further info please refer to the Challenge Cup tab. Any questions regarding the fixtures or the way the cup works then please feel me to message me or email me at

And that’s it, we are off! Have a great Gameweek 11 and a great November. See you back here in a month to find out which 32 get through to the second round.

Good luck to one and all,







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