FFUK CUP – 1st Round Draw


Ladies and gentlemen…. Welcome to the draw for the 1st round of the FFUK Cup.

It’s here! You may have forgotten, you may not have known, or more likely, you have spent the last 12 days pining for an answer. The question: who are you playing in the FFUK Cup? The answer: see below.

As you know, the FFUK Cup 1st round will be played through the game month of December. To find out your score for December, simply go the main league page and order the tab by ‘December’ instead of ‘Overall’ using the drop-down-box top right of the league.

There are 5 gameweeks in December, Gameweeks 14-19 inclusive, and due to the number of games, December is always one of the biggest months of the season. This is gonna be BIG.

As always, best of luck to one and all.

  1. Stuart Newton v Stuart Raine

  2. John Harper v Kevin Trotter

  3. Duncan McNeil v Olly Wimshurst

  4. Sean Colohan v Jim Wheat

  5. Andy v Vincent Kibler

  6. Jason Beal v Matt Reid

  7. Ben Beill v Alberto Mario Schena

  8. Jimmy Prebble v Josh Kelly

  9. Andy Letham v Chris Norman

  10. Mike Cronin v Matthew Cox

  11. Paul Monger v Toby Glicher

  12. Steven Almond v Euan Philips

  13. Christopher Reynolds v Stuart Allen

  14. Dan McBrearty v Scott Volker

  15. Pete Cronin v Andrew Coombs

  16. Nick Johns v Sam Clegg

  17. Haroon Rashid v Dean Collins

  18. Allan Tomkins v Mev Berwick

  19. Mark Turnbull v Richard Harrison

  20. Steven Black v Damien O’Neill

  21. Mark Leathem v Matthew McKenna

  22. Aaron Barringer v Jamie Stewart

  23. James Amar v Paul Austin

  24. David Pegg v Steven Baker

  25. Amelia Cooper v James Sheridan

  26. Paul Wilsher v Neil Freeland

  27. James Stroud v Marcus Blowers

  28. Chris Ward v Duncan Hannigan

  29. Alex Thomas v Sean Griffin

  30. Loz Kelly v Rob Eade

  31. Peter Hill v Tom McEwan

  32. Richard Green v Matt Packham

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