FFUK with us – The Next Episode

Just like Dr Dre we are back with the next episode.

There’s a lot to cover including the recently drawn FFUK cup first round and we pick out a few key fixtures to keep an eye on when this gets underway for real next month. We also discuss the new Hoff and how it is put together, check out the new Hoff post for more info and get in touch if you want to be included. Finally we look at some of the best Challenge Cup fixtures that are already underway. There is more. We also talk about the next Meet the FFUKers video taking place next week – you want in? All this and more is in the video. In fact – why are you reading this when you could be watching me and Pete?

Finally, please let us know if you want to join us for the next Meet the FFUKers video which is being recorded on Wednesday (23rd Nov) in the evening, next week, we would love for you to be involved. Priority to those that have not been in one before.

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