Welcome to the Gameweek 12 review. Are you feeling Low? It was a pretty underwhelming weekend in terms of scoring, not exactly a cracker. This was due to the majority of captaincy selections being unsuccessful. The captains pick is so pivotal each week. It can single handedly make or break a gameweek, for everyone. This is why Aguero is so important and once again his lack of consistency reared its head. In a season where there seems to be so many other options are we now asking the unthinkable question? I had described him as essential just a couple of weeks ago. But is it now time to get rid of Kun? Check out this week’s Meet the FFUKers video, more info later but this will definitely be debated.


Let’s look at the games that took place first. The early game on Saturday was between Man Utd and Arsenal, both fallen giants hoping to rekindle a taste of former glories. I jest, but this was a bit of a non event in FPL terms, 1-1, terrible scoreline. Mata (10) got the Utd goal before a late salvo from Giroud (7). And it was the same scoreline at Everton where Swansea managed a draw. The only other draw was Southampton 0 – 0 Liverpool but at least this meant clean sheets for some.

Forgotten man Yaya Toure (15) was back in Pep’s good books with a brace and maximum bonus seeing off Palace. Going forward, this only adds to the rotation minefield that is the City midfield, and those who have recently brought in Gundogan, who didn’t feature, are looking worryingly on.

Hug me guys, I’m back!

Watford beat Leicester by the same 2-1 scoreline with all the goals coming very early on. I was delighted to see the pair I transferred out last week – Deeney (5) and Capoue (10) combine for the first goal after a few seconds.

However, fortunately the man I bought in to replace Troy did the business for Sunderland as they swept past a hapless Hull 3-0. Defoe (11) was only outscored by his strike partner Anichebe (13) who at 4.6 million looks great value if he can continue his scoring streak. PVA (10) and Pickford (7) hoovered up any remaining points. Moyes’ men march on upwards.

Sunderland v Hull City - Premier League - Stadium of Light
Deadly Duo

The best game of the weekend was once again the Saturday evening offering, much to the delight of BT Sport, and it raised a big question for us fantasy managers. The Hammers were plucky but ultimately unlucky as they ended up losing 3-2 after a late Kane (13) brace. Winston Reid (5) could have been MOTM with 2 assists and a dominant performance until Super Harry Kane turned up in the 89th minute. Reid then managed to get a red card to make matters worse and misses the next game. The Spurs captain tends to hit form at this time of year. Is Kane the man to bring in right now? With Aguero and Lukaku stumbling this question resonates louder than ever.


Lastly, West Brom spanked Burnley 4-0 in MNF. Note to self, make sure you have someone in the Monday night game next time, it’s painful watching everyone else score points, and what other reason can there be to sit through nearly 2 hours of Pulis-ball. Rondon (9), Phillips (14) and Nyom (11) were the best of the bunch.

So how did all this affect the FFUK league?


We have a new leader. Congratulations to Sean Colohan (1st) who takes top spot and best scorer with 65 points this gameweek. Captain Costa (18) was one of the few picks to pick up any points, plus Sean relied on old favourite Capoue. But it was his defence and gk who kept everything tight at the back rewarding him another 25 points. Sean puts his new found form down to the fact that he is not taking hits this season. That and the fact he is picking the right players – whatever it is we have to say well played Coolers!


Allan Tomkins (5th) was also sitting pretty after 60 points. His Aguero (c) pick didn’t fire but he could take solace in the performances of Pickford, Nyom, Capoue and Costa who all helped him to a total that most of us were nowhere near. Well played Allan.

Also a quick shout for Tom Page-Chatton (100th) who was also a member of the 60-something club this week rising up the league courtesy of Kane (c). Keep up the good work Tom!

For many it wasn’t that great. There were some really unimpressive scores this week or are you trying to forget? When it comes to LOW scores I’m sure our very own Pete Cronin (21st) doesn’t need reminding of this. But I will remind everyone else. Pete’s score of 29 points isn’t great but what makes it worse is that he took an 8 point hit so in reality it is just 21 points. Woah. The lowest score in the Top 50. Out of the Top 20. Low. Lukaku (c) failed but there was no back up. You know it’s bad when you are relying on a Bournemouth defender as your top scorer with 6 points! Chin up Pete. Plenty to play for.


Pete wasn’t alone though with a poor score. Spare a thought for Alexander Thomas (43rd) and Amelia Cooper (45th) who both managed just 25 points.

Even the man at the top until this week suffered with just 35 points. Nick Johns (2nd) looked impenetrable just a couple of weeks ago, a bit like City in the league. You take your eye off the game for 5 minutes and it punishes you. But isn’t this why we love it? Just when you think you have it sussed. It brings you right back down to the ground with a bump.

For some its a time of mourning and contemplative thought, for others it’s ok to bask in the glory but don’t forget nothing is won in November, but a lot can be lost.

Have you heard? Meet the FFUKers – The Next Episode is being recorded this Wednesday evening. Do you want to take part? In this one or a future episode? Let us know. We are also hoping to stream it live for the first time. So I will put a link up on the WhatsApp and Facebook groups when we are all set, come and join us for a beer!

In other news: There is just 1 game to go in the November Challenge cup ties, how is yours going? I am currently losing my tie in spectacular fashion with 97 points to Glenn Macnamara with 127 points. Think I will be concentrating on the league pretty soon. Pete will be in touch next week to round up the results and announce the 2nd round draw.

That is it for now.

Just remember when all you see are low scores and everything around you seems to be falling apart don’t worry there are always FFUK friends in low places too.

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