You got to have Faith.

Welcome to the gameweek 23 review. I’ll try to keep this brief as we have a quick turnaround before gameweek 24 starts on Saturday morning, the pain is therefore shortlived. We go again. This review may also serve as some sort of therapy for me after suffering for some time now with a man who I can no longer even bring myself to name. I have now, after much soul searching, lost all faith in my favourite Argentinian.

It was low scoring all round, FPL average just 37. So average. Below are the most popular captains options with overall ownership percentages from @officialFPL. As we know this is often the starting point for a bad week. Clearly Sanchez was the best selection with just an assist to his name, but it was a pick from a bad bunch and that obviously affects scoring. 82 FFUKers captained Alexis. See the captains stats via Steve Cronin (75th) at the bottom of this review to check out the others.

  • Ibrahimovic (23.2%): 2pts
  • Sanchez (18.5%): 4pts
  • Costa (8.1%): 0pts
  • Aguero (8.1%): 1pt
  • Kane (7.4%): 2pts
Costa missed out on points!

In terms of the title race, Spurs stumbled against Sunderland whilst Liverpool could only manage a draw against Chelsea. Arsenal were Arsenal. Man Utd struggled against Hull (again). Only City looked like world beaters but they cant play at the Taxpayers Stadium every week.

I sat down last night to watch the City game, but after the team news came in, I couldn’t focus. So many questions going round my head. What does this mean for the most deadly striker in the league? Is Jesus (11) an option now after his goal, assist and max bonus on his first ever start for the sky blues? City offer us an embarrassment of riches but with Pep at the helm team selection is always going to be an issue, if i had written this last night there would have been far more swear words. City’s most nailed on attacker is now KDB (8) but he comes with a price tag (10.5) to match his security of starts. Silva (10), Sane (6) and Sterling (8) are slightly more budget friendly options but all come with a risk. Its a fantasy minefield that I think, for my own well being, I am going to avoid for now. But this team is built to score goals. You see the dilemma, as I write this I am now doubting my decision. Will I ever be able to even mention his name again? Swansea and Burnley up next, could be cricket scores. Lets move on before I question my own reasoning once more. I keep having flashbacks to Jesus scoring. I know our very own Duncan Hannigan (120th) has shown faith in Jesus already but as he admitted on WhatsApp, in between a lot of Jesus puns, it is a lot easier to take punts like that when you are on page 3. This could be it Dunc, your rise to the top echelons starts now, you have Jesus on your side. Keep the faith!

The Saviour?

Lets check out the top 50 and see what all this means…


No change at the top. Nick Johns (1st) extends his lead at the top by virtue of a very average 37 points. Sean Colohan (2nd) only managed a miserable 28 points. The chance was there for everyone else and we blew it.

Neil Freeland (10th) was the best scorer in the top 10 with 48 points, and right now he is a man on the charge. Captain Sanchez (8) we know all about but Neil also had the gameweek top scorer Dann (15) to call upon, an always reliable source of goals who now with Big Sam at the helm might also be in line for a few clean sheets in the near future. Not much else to see.


Best score  this time round in the top 50 and the top overall was Mark Mitchell (27th) with 62 points. Well played Mark! Another who gave the armband to Sanchez (8) but in Siggy (13), Deeney (9) & Negredo (7) he had the firepower. DDG (6) and Walker (6) even came up with a couple of clean sheets. Dont mess with Mark or he will send his brothers round!

Swansea City's Gylfi Sigurdsson celebrates scoring their second goal

My own score was as average as it gets. 37 points. Join the club Joe Traynor (21st), Peter Cronin (25th), Dean Collins (28th), Dave Stone (38th) and Toby Jones (42nd). We are all bang average this week. But it could have been worse…

At least you are not on your own Tom Wollin (18th). Both yourself and Jim Wheat (6th) mustered just 26 points, joint lowest score in the top 50.  Jim gave the armband to Sanchez (8) but that was it. Nothing else. Tom went with Kane (4) captain but other than that it was a sea of 1s and 2s for the pair. Keep the faith boys.

Managing just 1 point more was the unfortunate pair of Daron Russell (34th) and Darrell Cooper (40th). Daz gave the captaincy to Zlatan (4), even his Swedish God couldn’t save him this time. Whilst Darrell went with Giroud (2) who now looks like he could lose his place after being hauled off at half time. 27 points – not good enough but not long until you both get the chance to put it all right.

So that is that, I need to go and lie down in a dark room and think about my next moves. He has to go doesnt he? Im not sure Jesus is the saviour we all hope for. Im not sure about anything anymore. So I look for guidance in the form of the lyrics from recently departed George

“Baby I know you’re asking me to stay. Say please, please, please, don’t go away. You say I’m giving you the blues. Maybe You mean every word you say. Can’t help but think of yesterday. And another who tied me down to loverboy rules.”

I’m really not sure where this leaves me other than listening to George Michael. What are loverboy rules? Do they tell me what to do with him? I’m more confused than when I started this thing. I got to have Faith a faith a faith.

Time to say Goodbye?

Keep your eyes peeled for some vital cup stuff from our very own Peter Cronin (25th), including the live video draw for the next round, this and much more coming your way very soon and good luck for gameweek 24.


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