The clock’s ticking. There’s only a handful of games left. It’s that time of the season when it makes perfect sense to go irrational.

I mean you could play it safe. But unless you’re a certain Nick Johns, sitting on top of your unattainable tower of fantasy points, bathing in pure footballing acumen, where’s the fun in that?

No, for most of us mere mortals, now’s the time to take a risk or two. Shake things up with a maverick decision.

What I’m doing is perfectly reasonable.

Irrational thinking is not uncommon in fantasy football.

For instance, it’s a curious theme that when playing the game, you invariably end up supporting a rival Club – one that in any other circumstances, you’d just love to see get steamrollered – and all because you’ve currently got one of their players in your first eleven.

And when you dig a little deeper, this is a game that often throws up quirky thinking amongst managers.

There’s irrational avoidance, for any number of petty reasons. Like that player who made those snide comments in the media that time against your boyhood team. Who do you think you are, mate? I don’t care if you’re in the form of your life. You’ll never grace my fantasy squad! Irrational.

Then there’s unfounded fondness for certain players. Not your Lampards and Ronaldos, back in the day. Picking a points machine like that is obvious, and all too easy. No, I’m talking about putting a bizarre amount of faith in Christopher Samba. Pinning your weekly hopes on David Wheater. Or, to bring it into 2017, declaring an unhealthy affection for Daley Blind….

That hair, though…

Fantasy football can be an odd game. It can make you make crazy decisions.

But that’s all part of the fun, right? It’d be boring if we all played it in straightjackets.

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