It’s getting close. The start of the season will soon be upon us. Very soon.

If you have already signed up to the FFUK league then welcome back. We are in the midst of such a glorious moment, drink it in, all that excitement ahead. Just make sure your squad is ready by the deadline on Friday 11th August at 6.45pm.

In the meantime, why not invite your contacts in to join in the fun? As always, we aim for record numbers in the league, which would mean record prizes too. The league is going strong with almost 150 members and over a week to go, and then we are off… Let the battles begin!


As I’ve often mentioned in the gameweek reviews, this crazy game that we play is all about individual battles. Whilst the glory of winning the official game is the dream, that is a one in four million shot. Furthermore we will try everything to win the FFUK league (our fantasy bread and butter) but as most of us know by now – this is a seriously hard league to win!

For many of us, there comes a point in the season where the big prize is simply not realistic. So we re-adjust our targets, perhaps you are still in the FFUK Cup or the Challenge Cup or have your eyes on the Best GW Score? We never surrender – but why don’t we just give up? For one reason – these battles that we have with our rivals. There is always someone we can beat. A friend, colleague, team-mate, long lost cousin, that man who walks his dog in park or whoever we can find that is below us in the table, the more people you know in the league the more options there is.

If all else fails and you find yourself at the bottom of the league then that is when a fantasy manager is at his or her most dangerous. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. The Phoenix, Scott Volker is the living embodiment of this. Inspirational last season!


That’s not to mention any other fantasy commitments such as other mini-leagues we may belong to, Head to head leagues, Predictor leagues or side games like Last Man Standing – Check out Tim’s competition and sign up if you fancy it. We certainly have our fantasy hands full when the season is up and running. You want something else? Daz has started a little Soccer Saturday Super 6 comp which kicks off this weekend, details on the WhatsApp! There really is something for everyone. Try not to over commit, if that is possible. And in terms of betting never bet more than you can afford, that is the golden rule. Just a small stake is enough to get the adrenaline going. Sometimes there doesn’t even need to be any money involved at all if you know a rival could end up doing something they really don’t want to do. Its a crazy time right now with everything going on but don’t you just love it?

Jim was crazy about Fantasy Football, that is, until he discovered 'fantasy' Fantasy Football.


It’s time to sit down and think about what is important. Last season I had side-bets with two of my fiercest rivals. The challenge was simple, the winner was the best manager at the end of the season. I lost to both of them. In order for me to achieve closure I need to tell you all about them 😉

Neil Stewart – £30. As some of you may know we have history. Some readers may remember Neil pipped me the season before last after a Chris Smalling own goal in the final game lost me the bet. This season it was even closer. With 3 weeks left of the season I thought he was out of sight but I had a strong finish and whilst we waited for the game to update on the final day, the messages started… at first he thought I had won, then me him, then back and forth again. Like a pair of giggling teenagers. Finally we realised he beat me by 2 points. Devastated. So close once more. Congratulations Buddy! Every superhero needs a nemesis – Neil is mine. I look forward to the challenge once more next season.

Pete – £30. I won’t go over this one again. But I hope he spent that money wisely!

However, it wasnt all bad. Fortunately, I also had a little side bet of £10 with both James Page-Chatton and Duncan Hannigan that Chelsea would finish above Liverpool. So I won that one. You see… little victories.


This season WhatsApp regulars Daron Russell and James Page-Chatton had an ongoing weekly H2H battle in the second half of last season. Every week £10 to the highest gameweek score, with hits deducted. Hardcore and not for the feint hearted. I believe it ended with Dazzer £30 up at the end of the season. Do you do something similar? This is the sort of thing we want to hear about.


Maybe a forfeit is more your style, this is a good one, I know that Man Utd fan Joe Traynor and Liverpool fan Barry Clarke have both agreed that whoever finishes lower out of the two next season will have to wear their rivals shirt for 24hrs! This is a forfeit that money can’t buy. Of course photos will be taken for this site and I am happy to be a witness to this pledge and make sure the challenge is taken up by the loser. By the way, this season Joe finished in 123rd and Barry finished in 124th so FFUK knows who will win it this time? Do you have a rival that you would love to see do this?


If you have a challenge to set lets hear about it. After all if its written on this site then your rival can’t get out of it when they lose, we will have a pic please though to prove it all happened. Get as creative as you want, can you imagine your rival having to dress up like this bloke below?



Please find below a selection of challenges, side-bets and forfeits:

  • Chris Galloway has a £30 side bet with Peter Cronin and Neil Stewart as per usual. Its like tradition now.
  • Peter Cronin also has a £30 side bet with Neil Stewart.
  • The high rolling Stewart brothers also have a side bet each season, last season Jamie won the £60 from Neil and I hear they are all set to do it again this season. Do you have a side bet going with someone?
  • Man utd fan Joe Traynor & Liverpool fan Barry Clarke – whoever finishes this season lower in the league has to wear the others chosen shirt for 24hrs including photos for this site
  • Daron Russell and James Page Chatton are doing their £10 H2H gameweek challenge once more. I hope JPC has paid up for last season by now Dazza!
  • We also have a Merseyside Derby in the WhatsApp group where 3 LFC fans are taking on 3 Evertonians with the cumulative scores winning at the end of the season – The losers must wear the winners shirt for a photo for this site. Off the back of this there is another Chelsea & Man Utd vs Yorkshire battle taking place along similar lines.

I’m sure there are plenty more out there in the FFUK community, let us know yours!

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