UPDATE: The prize money for the FFUK Contributors league is now confirmed.

1st prize £100

2nd prize £60

3rd prize £30


I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. We are just days away from it all kicking off again. and we promised that this season it would be even better. The FFUK league continues to go from strength to strength, and this season we thought we should create something new to increase the fun for our most committed, our contributors.
The NEW Contributors League will run alongside the main FFUK league and is open to anyone in the FFUK league who can be considered a contributor. Our contributors are our agents, our writers, our video guests, and our WhatsApp group and if you would like to join then you just have to get involved.
However there is a twist. A BIG one. The concept and the rules in full are detailed below…
UPDATE: The league is now full. 38 teams entered. We are at capacity.


  • There are exactly 38 places available in the NEW Contributors League.
  • This is because we are introducing a new way to win prizes
  • League position doesn’t matter! 
  • The only thing that matters is NOT getting the lowest gameweek (GW) score… because each gameweek one player will be removed from the league.


  1. The person with the lowest GW score will be removed from the Contributors League after each gameweek. Assuming the maximum 38 teams play, this process will begin straight after GW1 (this will be confirmed as soon as we have final numbers.)
  2. If more than one player gets the same lowest GW score on a given gameweek, the tie will be decided on overall FPL rank.* One player will be removed every gameweek.
  3. All scores will be calculated in game, as per the FPL rules.
  4. TRANSFER HITS DO NOT COUNT towards GW scores in the Conts League. This means that the gameweek score on the league page will be taken at all times.
  5. When a player is removed from the league they will be informed by FFUK.
  6. Entry to this league is £5 per person to be paid to your agent.
  7. Prizemoney will be awarded to the final 3 players (we will confirm amounts once the GW1 deadline has passed).
  8. Prizemoney will be paid out with all other FFUK prizes following the FA Cup Final 2018
  9. Any player that does not wish to play must inform us as soon as possible before the GW1 deadline so that we can refund their entry fee and re-allocate their place
  10. The Conts League is open to all FFUK Contributors, and by invitation only.

*In the event of a tie on overall rank (particularly in GW1), we will resort to lowest Captain score, lowest bench score, and if not, a coin toss.


Any questions?


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