Welcome to the GW27 REVIEW – MR BIG STUFF

Aguero 4 goals vs LEICESTER

Aguero or AguerNO? 

For some of us Love was in the air this week – you lucky FFUKers! But for those of us left without Mr Big Stuff it’s another year without a card. Either way we have to review the gameweek even if it is a little late and some of us missed out on his four goals vs Leicester. I am pretty sure Kasper Schmeichel (1) had the top scoring player of GW27 in his team watching the highlights. But I am not bitter. Honestly. Fortunately for all of us several of the other big hitters came through otherwise it could have been so much worse. Consequently there were some seriously big scores to focus on…


Before we get to that let’s assess the Captaincy picks in the league thanks to the image above by our Statto Steve Cronin (69th). This week’s Mr Big Stuff or Aguero (21) was the most popular pick once again with 65 FFUKers placing their faith in the Argentinean to great effect. This season’s Mr Big Stuff Salah (13) was next most popular with 53 of us going with the Egyptian. Realistically there were 3 main options. That left 45 FFUKers on Kane (6). All 3 returned to some degree but for those on Kane and even Salah we are left wondering what could have been?

In terms of a theme this week let’s go with Mr Big Stuff by Jean Knight. Great tune, you may recognise this from Soccer AM or the Simpsons or Family Guy or somewhere else. Basically you might recognise it…


Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 4.09.16 PMScreenshot 2018-02-14 at 4.09.24 PM

As usual no change at the top but the chasing pack is closing in. Another week like this and it will be very different. Jamie Stewart (1st) and Dan McBrearty (2nd) are both checking out their rear view mirrors a lot more often than they were a week ago. In particular John Harper (3rd), Mark Leathem (4th) and Phil Smith (5th) all caught up rather impressively and each look in a great position to overthrow the leaders. But we aren’t interested in this at the moment we want to look at those who really smashed it. 100%. Who is this week’s MR BIG STUFF?


To demonstrate the heavy scoring the FPL average was 61 points which I think is a record this season. I could be wrong.

Big Up. Top of the pile, top scorer for GW27 is Joel Shine (62nd) who smashed it scoring 111 points. No doubt who Joel’s captain was. But Aguero (21 x 2) was not the only big scorer in his side as he also owned KDB (13), Salah (13), Firmino (12), Sterling (8), Azpi (8), Adrian (7) giving him a GW rank of 26K. Well played Mr Big Stuff!

Next best was a father and son team from the West Country. Step forward Stu Allen (79th) and Theo Allen (193rd) who scored 106 and 107 points respectively. Well played to the Allen family, incredible scoring. They both captained Aguero for his massive haul and both owned Sterling (8), Salah (13), Firmino (12) & VVD (7)!

More big shouts for those below who all hit the dizzy heights of the 100 club this week and deserve to take this weekend off, relax, soak up the adulation from the FFUK community before we go again next weekend. These guys are all HEROES:

  • Tom Shepherd (13th) scored 103
  • Sam Lukes (20th) scored 100
  • Nick Johns (23rd) scored 102
  • Jimmy Prebble (48th) scored 100
  • Andy Jackson (56th) scored 102
  • Silley (149th) scored 100
  • Amar Lehall (150th) scored 103

You are all MR BIG STUFF right now!

hero to zero
3 UP, 3 DOWN


This week’s HEROES are all in the hundred club already and include the top scoring players of the weekend. These guys went highest, these are the big ones:

  • Joel Shine (62nd) rose 30 places from 92nd after scoring his 111 points!
  • Paul Vincent (93rd) rose 25 places from 118th with 105
  • Stu Allen (79th) rose 25 places from 104th with 106

Now it is time to look at who the 3 biggest fallers were. Go easy on these guys they probably wont take kindly to us reminding them of their recent malaises and they probably need to spend this time off looking for a solution:

  • Clifford Fox (155th) fell 25 places from 130th after scoring just 40 points
  • Sam Parker (119th) fell 24 places from 95th after scoring just 49 points
  • Paul Copping (78th) fell 22 places from 56th after scoring 57 points

Lowest score in the whole league was Rob Eade (207th) who managed just 21 points! Ouch. Is that season over Mr Eade?

Eviction notice

It was incredibly tense in the WhatsApp group on Monday night. There were at least 8 FFUKers who were left in limbo ahead of MNF. We needed regular updates by Steve and Pete to keep us in the know. But suffice it to say there was a nervous air of tension as the game unfolded. Actually it all started before it kicked off as the news that Marcos Alonso (0) wouldn’t feature meant that several of those who weren’t panicking as much before found themselves chewing fingernails and ordering more drinks before kick off. In the end it looked like one of the Alonso owners might be sucked under and that proved to be the case. Unfortunately for Lester Deeble (16th) he was the lowest scoring of those and luckily for Daron Russell (34th), Coolers (8th) and Blakey (10th) their Chelsea players managed to get the required points to survive for another week. It was emotional. Lester – Pete has removed you from the Conts league. Just like that. 12 remain. The tension goes up another notch next time round.

Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 4.02.54 PM

So that is it for another gameweek, thanks as always for reading. After the FA Cup this weekend we have the last games in this round of cup fixtures next weekend so suggest you make sure you know where you are with that if you are lucky enough to be still in one of the competitions. All the info can be found on the relevant cup page on this site.

Please remember you must submit any best gameweek scores to us in order to qualify for that prize. We will update the Manager of the Month page. Everything is explained on this site, check out the Rules if you are unsure about anything.

As always get in touch if you want to get involved in any way. You want more? Watch out for news of an end of season do very soon…






One thought on “GW27 REVIEW – MR BIG STUFF

  1. Interesting read whilst embarking upon a 27 hour return coach journey from the Italian Alps. In any country and on any WiFi it makes great reading when the demise of Mr Daron Russell is noticed and reported. As I descend the altitudes I am experiencing an equal pleasure reading about Daron’s descent, and on the contrary, the rise of ‘le taste supreme’. A must read

    Au revoir

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