Round 6: Gameweek 22 …..

Just 12 FFUKers brave and true contested Round 6 of the FPL Cup. The previous rate of attrition of our number indicated that we should expect 7 of these 12 to progress. It is therefore with great pleasure that I can announce that eight, indeed, won their fixtures and move forward to Round 7.

The round of 65,536.

Sounds slightly less exciting when you put it like that!

Why exciting? Well it’s because I’m still in it that’s why! Probably why I still invest not inconsiderable amounts of time writing these updates too rather than just sticking a few words up on the WhatsApp group. I can’t remember ever getting this far in the cup and it’s quite difficult, despite the fact that there are 65,535 other teams also in contention, not to get excited about it.

All of which forces a dilemma – to what extent do I make decisions about transfers, chips and team selection based on my cup opponent.

Here’s his team, called Big Busty Brando! (exclamation mark his):

big busy brando
Big Busty Brando


Now this is a ghost team – unbelievably there are some left in. But it’s a good team nevertheless. Mane, Hazard and the double Chelsea defenders look dangerous (maybe less so with Chelsea away at Arsenal this week). He has Salah as captain, so that makes my captain decision for me – I need to take that risk out of the equation.

My biggest problem though is that I’ve already made my transfer this week …… and now Kane has gone and got himself injured. Do I take the hit, knowing full well that my FPL cup opponent won’t and start with a 4-point deficit? Or do I back my team which, even without Kane, is probably stronger on paper (with Rash, Pogba and Sterling)? Tricky ……

But enough about me, 7 other FFUKers made it through and may have similar dilemmas.

  • Stuart Newton defeated gunners 71-50 – his 21-point margin of victory the biggest of any FFUKer
  • John Parkinson wielded his wildcard. While only yielding him 58 points this was enough to see off Wings Winners 58-44
  • Craig Sharman beat ghost team Maryberginsmightymen 55-43
  • I beat Moves Like Jaggers 78-59. Hammered.
  • Duncan Galloway played a cheeky Triple Captain chip to knock out top 5,000 player (at the time) DanNistelrooy 57-42
  • James Page-Chatton ousted Dr Fegg’s Nasty Boys 53-43
  • Chris Panayi also played his wildcard. Again, the yield was at best moderate, but his 56 points was enough to despatch Salahu Akbar’s 45 points
  • Richard Green managed just 51 points, but this was enough to see off Jonny From The Block (44)

It is with some sadness though that we must say good bye to James Amar, Olly Wimshurst, Jamie Allaway and Stephen Fielden all of whom were knocked out this week. Stephen in particular can count himself unlucky. His 64 points was the third highest of all the FFUKers and yet lost out by a single point. Tough school.

So, eight remain, flying the flag. Come on you FFUKers!


Who will be this season’s Nick Smith?


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