We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new trophy this season…


As the season’s go by and we all grow older, we get to welcome the next generation of fantasy football superstars to the league. Thanks to the Dad’s and Mum’s who sign up their kids to play in the FFUK mini league and we thought it was about time we offered a trophy for the Junior FFUK Champion.

From this season onwards anyone who is in the league who is under 16 is eligible to win the trophy. We will have it engraved and the trophy will be the lucky winners to keep for the next season, just like the main one.

Win one like this – Last seasons trophy with League Champion Allan Tomkins

Obviously we need to be made aware of who is in the league that is eligible then we can keep an eye on it and announce it at the end of the season along with the main trophy and all the other prizes.

As it stands please find below the names of those that we are aware of, who are eligible to win the first ever Junior FFUK Champion Trophy:

  • Theo Allen

  • Eoin Reynolds

  • Danny Fielden

  • Oliver Hill

  • Matt Page-Chatton

  • Tom Page-Chatton

  • Dexter Smith

However we are sure there must be more. So if your son or daughter are in the league and under 16 let us know and we will add them to this list!

Good luck to all those involved!


Chris & Pete


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