Another week another VAR controversy. Except there wasn’t really any controversy. It was mainly noise and confusion but no controversy. VAR woah yeah…. What is it good for? Well it is certainly a good way to crow bar in a tune this week 😉

It is also good for getting tricky decisions right. Striker offside by a fraction? VAR sees it. Handball in the build up to the goal missed by the ref? VAR sees it. The rules may need adjusting but VAR works. It simply applies the laws. And it is early days in the process, so expect some teething problems. Those in the stadium need to be kept informed via big screens and with commentary. Those watching on TV should be given access to the what the VAR sees. Give it a season or two and all these little issues will be forgotten I reckon. VAR is here to stay and for the good of the game. We just have to get used to it and once the system is fine tuned we will have nothing to moan about. Probably. Not much more needs saying on the subject so lets get to the review.

pukki dream team.png
Official FPL GW2 Dream Team – How many of these did you own?

As you can see from the Dream Team above there is only one man to start with. There was a Pukki (17) party going on for his owners as he went big with a hatrick to follow up his goal in GW1. And the party was seriously wild for the lucky 4 who captained the Norwich front man. His ownership and consequently his price has gone into overdrive since and he will certainly be in a lot more teams next week.


Wham forgotten man, not Andrew Ridgeley, but Hernandez (8) replaced the crocked Haller (0), whilst in midfield Mane (13), Lamela (12), Ceballos (11), Bernard (11) and KDB (11) all look very enticing off the back of impressive performances. Some more than others.

At the back Blades OOP 4.0 wonderboy Lundstram (14) rewarded his owners with a goal, CS and max bonus. I am glad I sought the advice of a Blades fan pre-season who warned me against him as he might not play, luckily I went with Rico (0) instead. Digne (11) was a much more popular pick but he was accompanied by 2 more Sheffield United players in Stevens (7) and Henderson (9). Maybe more than 1 Blade is an option?

In saying all this I have realised that I did not own a single player from the Dream Team this week. Urgh. I trust most of you did better?

With all that in mind let’s assess the FFUK league and see who is flying highest:

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 14.48.56Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 14.59.25

Congratulations to my nemesis Neil Stewart (1st) who takes top spot at this early stage. Do you want the side bet money now son? NDS captained Mo like 139 of us. But it didnt really work out that well. Luckily for Neil he had others to rely on. Like Lundstram (14), Digne (11), Martial (7), Trossard (7), Sterling (6), King (6) and Wilson (5). An ominous start for the former champ.


Right behind him is a new player this season from the Emerald Isle. Well done to Justin McCarthy (2nd) who also captained Mo but has a v similar team to Neil above so fortunately the points poured in from all the other players. A strong start from Justin. One to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

However top scorer in the top 10 was Malek Mansour (8th) with a massive 81 scored via the use of  his wildcard. Showing that its all about how you use it not when. Malek got himself an VIP invite to the Pukki (17) party and only went and captained him for 34 points. The rest of his side didnt have to do much but KDB (11), Rash (6), Auba (6), Grealish (6) and Mina (7) all returned big to take Malek into the top 10. Nice Wildcard skills. I hope mine is as successful.

pukki party.gif

At the time of writing I am unable to see over half the league as FPL does more behind the scenes work on its website. Probably a good thing I dont want to find myself on page 5. I am trying to convince myself it is only temporary. Let’s check out what happened in the CONTS next…

Who goes this week in the CONTS mini league?

After my very lucky escape I was looking forward to a better week this time around. Unfortunately for me my team’s performance was pitiful and I was all out at the end of Saturday’s games with 34 points. FFUKing pathetic. However I wasn’t alone and in Damian O’Neill I had company at the bottom he was all out on 30. We were the benchmark and it was a low one with still 3 games to go and most having players left to play.

Statto Steve was on hand to give us the latest. All Damian and I needed were for everyone that was left to play to have a quiet game. A fairly big ask. As we went into MNF there were several FFUKers stuck in the 20s. Damian and I had hope, but little else. At half time it was looking ominous. AWB had a clean sheet on the horizon along with baps to come. But then Wolves turned up 2nd half and Neves scored a screamer. Definitely my favourite goal of the season so far. But still we were unsure. Damian was even more nervous that I was.


As is evidenced by his frantic search of the WhatsApp group for Steve’s update from the day before as the game concluded. It was down to Yabah Turnbull, Duncan Hannigan and Jimmy Spence. Two had to go. Martial’s goal saved Jimmy so it is with great regret (and relief) I can confirm that the two to leave this week are Yabah Turnbull and Duncan Hannigan. You have both been removed from the CONTS mini league. 46 remain. Another two to go next week. I am not sure how I have survived this far!


Into injury time and just time for a couple of quick announcements/reminders.

Have you heard about the new trophy we are introducing this season for Junior FFUK Champion? We have 7 Juniors in the league, that we know of, who will all be competing to win the trophy this season. More info in the post and good luck to all of you!

Quick Prize Payment Update: The final email has gone out to non payers this week and we are in the process of removing them from the league. We will therefore be able to confirm final numbers very soon which means we will also be able to announce the prize money, probably over the weekend realistically. Keep an eye out for this one.

That is it for another GW, I am off to start my season all over again with a fresh new WC side. Yes it’s early but I am not sure I have ever had a start as bad as this. Usually I start well, fade then make a resurgence after Xmas. FFUK knows what will happen this time round!

Until next week, thanks for reading as always and remember, look after yourself and each FFUKer.



giroud sexyyy
Thinking about Giroud?

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