CUPDATE – MILK PLATE 4th Round Results and Quarter-Final Draw

The FFUK Milk Plate, for those teams knocked out of Round 1 of the FFUK Cup, is gathering pace. The end of the February Gamemonth saw the conclusion of the 4th Round. As the draw takes place in advance we therefore already know our Quarter-Final line-up!

But first things first, here’s how Round 4 played out:

Round 4 (Completed)
Neil Sutherland216
Neil Gordon211
Tom Newman183
Nick Johns225
Jonny McEwan224
Pete Cronin242
Chris Webb232
Steven Coffen205
Andrew Fogaty222
David Harrison203
Ben Carter211
Marcus Blowers169
Ross Smith187
James Downie224
Matt Frost200
Stephen Fielden192
FFUK Milk Plate 4th Round Results

It was typically a much less tight affair in the Milk Plate compared to the FFUK Cup, with most ties won comfortably. Neil Sutherland squeaked home by five points in the top match, and Matt Frost by eight points in the bottom match, otherwise 20+ point margins were the order of the day. Former FFUK champ Nick Johns moved effortlessly and ominously through – one to watch as we enter the latter stages.

If you want to check out the results and the draw all the way through the final you can look it up on this Google Sheet.

Here’s the draw for the Quarter-Final:

QF (In Play)
Neil Sutherland vs Nick Johns
Pete Cronin vs Chris Webb
Andrew Fogaty vs Be-en Car-ar-ar-ter (sing it like the Manics)
James Downie vs Matt Frost
FFUK Milk Plate Quarter-Final Draw. A proper Quarter-Final not like those fake Quarter-Finals you get on talent shows!

March is a three week Gamemonth, so more of a sprint than a marathon. Managers will need to be wary of the last week in the month, Gameweek 31, which will be a blank Gameweek. As things stand there might not be very many fixtures happening that week at all ….. Good luck to all eight managers still in.



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