Welcome to the GW29 REVIEW – CHAOS

Is the gameweek actually over? Head in a spin? Do you even know what day it is?

The double that never was. At 1.30am this morning City announced that the final match of GW29 was off as a precaution. Fantasy managers all over the UK woke up to the news and whatever plans we had made were left in tatters. This will go down in fantasy folklore. The virus that is sweeping the planet is, of course, now affecting football with games around Europe being played behind closed doors. We are now seeing the first signs of a reaction over here in the UK. I wont go in to too much detail because experts have written plenty about the knock on effects of this. But perhaps it is important not to get carried away, we don’t know what is going to happen. There will probably be more games affected. But what we do know is that GW29 is over, abruptly, so let’s review that.

Shall we call it CHAOS? Seems apt. Thanks to Talib Kweli for this one that I recently rediscovered – check out the album if you love 90s Hip Hop including this gem, more importantly this season’s Spotify playlist is now up to date and can be found here.

Let’s start with the Official FPL Dream Team for GW29. Not a double gameweek player in sight.

MNF saw Leicester return to form just in time for those who had sold their assets to bring in DGW players. Harvey Barnes (19) was the top scoring player of the week after his brace, assist and max bonus. His team mate Jamie Vardy (11) wasn’t in the starting lineup but came on late, and scored a brace, to leave his sellers feeling rather discombobulated.

Elsewhere a trio of Chelsea midfielders Willian (13), Barkley (12) and Pedro (12) all combined to demolish a sorry looking Everton side 4-0.

Mane (13) and Lundstram (12) once again reminded us of their prowess, much to the annoyance of those who have recently sold. Grrrrrr. McCarthy (12), Lindelof (9), Sharp (9) and Dann (8) make up the numbers, with perhaps just the GK being slightly popular from a FPL pov.

How did all this affect the FFUK mini league? For those of us who went big on DGW players this is the painful bit, actually it has all been quite traumatic. Stay strong.

TOP SCORER in FFUK this week with a ridiculously impressive 95 points was Danny Burgess (138th). Danny had the foresight to have just one DGW player in Auba (2) who he didn’t captain. Instead he was one of 9 FFUKers who captained Vardy (11 x 2) which worked out rather nicely.

Next best was back on 85 but still impressive scoring from Tom Aitchison (92nd) who was one of 56 to captain Mo (9 x 2) for his little haul. Anything was better than captaining a DGW player.

At the very other end of the chaos we find my Uncle Duncan Galloway (157th) who low scores this week with just 19 points. We wont mention his -4. A trio of DGW players Mahrez (1), Auba (2) and KDB (0) did him no favours at all. Duncan and I were in the 88 unlucky FFUKers who gave PEA the armband. At least we weren’t one of the Hateful 8 who laid down the TC on him. Chaos doesn’t even come close for those guys, you have to feel for the 42 who unfortunately wasted a chip this week.

Now let’s turn our attention to the top of the FFUK table:


The top two remain unaffected by the chaos. But we have some movement below them. Jamie Stephens (3rd) moves up after scoring 73. Biggest scorer in the top 20 was Mike Cronin (16th) with 81 scored. Mike was one of just 8 who went and captained Mane (13 x 2) which meant a big score.

Dean Cummings (17th) is going the wrong way after managing just 39 points. Another one who capped Auba (2 x 2), Dean will have woken up with a fantasy hangover this morning like the rest of us.

Dropping out of the top 20 with just 31 scored is last seasons winner Allan Tomkins (21st).

We were down to the last 10 in this one and were all set for the final showdown. However now that is cancelled we need to assess the wreckage and work out just who goes.

The final 10 in the CONTS. Now down to 9!

There are only big names left in this league now. And it’s about to turn darkside, hits are coming. I can smell the chaos from here. The end is in sight and the £200 prize will go to one of these FFUKers.

But back to the week that wasn’t. In the end it was a a tie between Roni Friel and Phil Smith both on 43 points. By virtue of his superior overall rank Roni is saved and it is Phil’s time to be evicted, the admin will remove you shortly. Unlucky Phil, well done for making it this far but it’s now about to get really interesting. Who hits first? Will Roni survive another GW? 9 to go.

Into Kloppage time

In such uncertain times it is hard to predict exactly what will happen. The events of this gameweek just gone have taught us this. What we do know is there could be more chaos around the corner. Throw in blank and double GW’s and the only thing we can guarantee is more of the unexpected.

While we wait for whatever happens in the real world, FPL goes on. We must get ready for another gameweek. FFUK doesn’t stop. Transfers will be done, captains selected, this is what we do.

For those lucky enough to still be involved, the cups are in full flow. Speaking of which, Mr Cups Paul Baker (1st) will update the Google sheets soon with all the results so far this month.

Congratulations to all those who made it through this second round of qualifying for the FFUK CL in GW29 and good luck to all those in the 3rd round taking place in GW30. I managed to pip Jason Beale and his New Saints by a point in the end but it certainly wasn’t a satisfactory win after the chaos of the cancelled last game. We both had more points to come.

I’m off to sell both of the Arsenal players I never wanted in the first place. Thanks for reading as always and remember to look after yourself and each FFUKer but just don’t touch each other too much.


P.S. Reminder the FFUK EOS DO 2020 is taking place on Saturday 13th June, are you free to join us?

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