CUPDATE – FFUK Cup and Milk Plate: Semi-Finals Latest

As the Gameweeks come thick and fast under Project Restart I’ll be writing short posts to update the community on how things stand.

The FFUK Cup and Milk Plate semi-finals are being held over four Gameweeks, from 32+ through 35+. The standings after the first of those four weeks are as follows:


  • Paul Baker 55 vs 57 John Willson
  • Justin McCarthy 66 vs 75 Jamie Stephens

Milk Plate:

  • Nick Johns 87 vs 89 Pete Cronin
  • Ben Carter 75 vs 90 James Downie

No decisive leads have been established yet in any of the fixtures. Indeed two of the four are being led by just two points: John Willson (70) taking a slender lead in a low scoring FFUK Cup contest vs Paul Baker (1) and Pete Cronin (28) leading Nick Johns (9) by that two point margin in the top bracket of the Milk Plate. I should note that Pete took a tactical hit in Gameweek 32+, but this IS NOT subtracted from his score, as it’s the first Gameweek of the “month”. Any hits taken in GWs 33+ – 35+ WILL be subtracted.

Elsewhere, in the FFUK Cup Jamie Stephens (6) has taken an 11 point lead over Justin McCarthy (2), while in the Milk Plate James Downie (117) scored an impressive 90 points to establish a 15 point advantage over Ben Carter (4). Indeed, it’s interesting to note that all four ties are being led by the manager lower in overall rank. Some cupsets on the cards then!!

The FFUK Cup draw in full can be found on this Google Sheet, while the version for the Milk Plate can be found here.

Good luck to all still involved in both Cups.



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