So the new champions played with a hangover and got spanked by the wounded Pepro Dollar Citizens! What is that hoody all about Pep? For one so stylish that’s a bit Sports Direct mate!  Anyway no one in Liverpool really cared a dot, except for FFUKers like me due to having TAA & Robbo netting me zero points between them!  A FFUKing First!

Anyway the question is, with the rest of the GW+ weeks offering so much uncertainty about traditional assets is how good a Gambler can you be?  Do you know when to Hold Them? Know when To Foden?  That little City fella looks like he’s going to pick up where Dilva left off!  What to do about Kane and Vardy?  Sterling finally started producing and KDB is consistently class in points and performances. Salah at home to Villa next week, you’re gambling if he’s not your skipper in GW33+.   

Do you Gamble on The Geordies and in particular ASM?  Do you keep Willian on this streak, do you go Tony M or Rashford?  You’re Gambling if you don’t own Bruno and still own any Leicester assets! Auba is a gamble each week that can hurt!  

The Dream team was a mix of surprises in Mee, ASM, Jonny and AWB but some familiar faces in Pope, Bruno, KDB, The Snake, Dings, and Auba – Willian is an in and outer!  

The Top 20 threw up some interesting sub plots – Snow Patrol AKA Timmy Side-games McEwan was buzzing, Everton won, Liverpool got spanked and he hit a ton to get on the FFUKing Podium and into 3rd knocking a fellow Red Ben Carter down in to 4thJamie Stewart aka JDS aka Countdown also hit a tone to move up to 7th ! What do you do when you’re in 7th and just hit a ton?  Play your Wild card of course! Lets hope its not the WC curse for you pal? These two FFUKing legends both top scored this week with 100 each for anyone who struggles with imperial measurements.  

The Top 2 stayed as is, the Bakes (1st) still in a commanding lead over Justin (2nd)

I see the tightest man in FFUKing history and a King Cont has worked his UTD performing team into the Top 10 and into the money positions, keep up the good work Daron Russell (10th) but I’m staying off Insta if you win anything!  

Credit as well goes to Mark Storrar (17th)who not only has a great team name but also his 94pts got him up to 17th.  There where 8 red arrows 10 green arrows and the top 2 kept on cruising on as is all be it with low scores by their own standards!.  

So the Cotswold Kid, Isn’t it Ironic, don’t ya think?  It’s like doing a GW reviewwwww, and getting evicted from the Conts the very next day! Who would’ve thought? It figures.  Unlucky Stu Allen (57th), I’m assuming JDS has already done the honours by the time you’ve read this, great effort all the same. 

Right that’s it for me, short and sweet and ready for the next GW+ I’m going to leave you with one more tune just because I like it and I hope it helps you Rock Rock into GW33+.


Duncan Hannigan  

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