CUPDATE – The Finals (GW37+)

As the Gameweeks come thick and fast under Project Restart I’ll be writing short posts to update the community on how things stand.

With one Gameweek to go in the finals of the FFUK Cup and Milk Plate, the ties currently stand as follows:

FFUK Cup Final: Jamie Stephens 116 vs John Willson 128

Milk Plate Final: Pete Cronin 130 vs James Downie 117

Both cups being led, then, by sizeable if not insurmountable leads as we head into a Gameweek 38+ that looks likely to be as random and nail-biting as ever. Given what happened in the dying moments of the Championship season (Swansea City achieving a 3 goal swing vs Notts Forest in the last few minutes of their respective matches to get into the Play-Offs on goals scored), what might be in store for us on the final day of the Premiership (that one’s for you Chris!). What’s the right strategy for our finalists? Will anyone take the bold decision to take a hit? Jamie Stephens may need to as he’s the only one without Sterling in his team, and trails John Willson by 12. How will James Downie close that 13-point gap vs Pete Cronin? Especially considering he STILL has two Villa players in his squad (heart over head James?). KDB, Rashford and Ings look like James’ key differentials – maybe an Ings last-day masterclass is in store (it had better be for my own team!).

As always, the FFUK Cup draw in full can be found on this Google Sheet, while the version for the Milk Plate can be found here.

Good luck to all four finalists on the final day of the season.



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