What a crazy time it’s been in Fantasy Football these last few weeks! After the annual tail-chasing of the Christmas period, we dived headlong into the blanks and doubles of gameweeks 18 and 19. You’d be forgiven for forgetting about something as trivial as the FFUK Cup and FFUK Milk Plate …. I certainly did, hence why it’s been so long since I’ve done one of these updates. Which isn’t ideal as I’m supposed to be running the things! In my defence I’m not in either any more ….

So after an over-long hiatus, let’s have a look at the current situation. We’re currently at the FFUK Cup 4th Round/FFUK Milk Plate 3rd Round stage. For both competitions this is the round of 32 with matches being played over the January gamemonth. January has five gameweeks this season, and at the time of writing three of those gameweeks have been completed.

So, without further ado, here’s where things stand in the FFUK Cup:

ManagerPoints ManagerPoints Winning
Michael Moors155vsDean Cummings205 Dean Cummings
Vince .Siracusa225vschris galloway234 chris galloway
Ameet Shah202vsMatt Packham183 Ameet Shah
Jack Mosley198vsAndy Jackson203 Andy Jackson
Daron Russell225vsjim Wheat168 Daron Russell
Andy Caulfield172vsJames Downie225 James Downie
Malek Mansour246vsNeil Gordon182 Malek Mansour
Tom Galloway115vsClayton Deakin182 Clayton Deakin
Chris Webb202vsDanny Burgess203 Danny Burgess
Kevin Trotter208vsStuart Allen223 Stuart Allen
Dave Windsor228vsSteve Cronin227 Dave Windsor
Andrew Fogaty247vsLiz Colman200 Andrew Fogaty
Alex Sadlier232vsmark leathem225 Alex Sadlier
Jez Penn184vsTina Whitehouse192 Tina Whitehouse
Sam Blake198vsJohn Willson231 John Willson
Joe Warrington215vsMark Harrison194 Joe Warrington
FFUK Cup 4th Round latest score

And what a mixed bag that little lot is! Five matches are being led by 47+ points and quite frankly these can probably be called. Those gaps look too big to be hauled back across what should be two fairly “normal” gameweeks. Some of the matches are ever so tight though! Our glorious leader Steve “244th in the world” Cronin is right on the precipice trailing Dave Windsor by a single point! Come on Dave …..

Danny Burgess leads Chris Webb by the same margin while four other pairs of managers are separated by less than ten points. Among them co-Chairman Chris Galloway with a slender nine-point advantage over Vince .Siracusa (you may be wondering why I write his name like that – well that’s how his name appears in FPL and my vlookups wouldn’t work if I corrected it in my spreadsheets ….. and now it’s kind of stuck!). A last mention to the reigning FFUK Cup champion John Willson who looks all set for a fifth round berth leading Sam “Blakey” Blake by 33 points.

Mark your cards for Monday 1st February when the draw for the last 16 will take place.

Over in the FFUK Milk Plate the third round currently looks like this:

Round 3 (in progress) Round 4 (as it stands)
January February
Jamie Cooper201 
vs Josh Paxman
Josh Paxman219 
Karl Austen228 
vs Karl Austen
Justin Mc Carthy214 
Jack Slade191 
vs Jack Slade
Mark Tarbox179 
james simpson229 
vs james simpson
Paul Reid185 
Steven Almond187 
vs Steven Almond
Stephen Mealor154 
James Sheridan234 
vs James Sheridan
Harvey Smith219 
Jamie Davis187 
vs Jamie Davis
Max Walker186 
John Stevens225 
vs John Stevens
Matt Baldwin198 
Iain Sanderson211 
vs Iain Sanderson
Christopher Pilling178 
Paul Browne185 
vs Dan McBrearty
Dan McBrearty187 
Joseph Mulhern226 
vs Joseph Mulhern
Damien O’Neill202 
Sean Griffin211 
vs Sean Griffin
tom newman200 
Chris Smith217 
vs Donald Macaulay
Donald Macaulay226 
Craig Sharman150 
vs Oliver Gordon
Oliver Gordon171 
Daron Taylor153 
vs Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson216 
john Harper224 
vs john Harper
Paul Taylor192 
FFUK Milk Plate 3rd Round latest scores

Most ties are still in the balance to varying degrees being led by less than 30 points. Robert Simpson does have a mammoth 63-point advantage over Daron Taylor, while at the other end of the spectrum Jamie Davis holds an oh-so-tight 1-point lead over Max Walker. After sneaking through the last round with a score of 277 which was the amongst the lowest in the whole of FFUK for December, Craig Sharman (220th for January) is at it again in a basement battle with Oliver Gordon (190th for January). Craig squeezed through by three points last time. 21 points is certainly do-able to turn this one around as well!

For those still in the cups (and even for those who are not, but hold a morbid fascination for competitions they’ve been knocked out of), you can find all the details on the cup pages on the FFUK website, and at the google sheets for the competitions linked to below:


FFUK Milk Plate

Good luck to all remaining entrants, and to those still in the FPL Cup (like me!). Qualifying for the FFUK Champions Leagues continues apace and I’ll update on this soon.

This is the way.


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