It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, massive thanks to all those who have penned reviews in the meantime, lets see if I can remember how it goes.

We are half way through this most tumultuous of seasons and that was the biggest double GW to date. How was it for you? It was certainly long, I cant remember a GW taking this long to finish, but to find out how dark it was we are going to need to delve a little deeper. Enjoy Underworld’s Dark and Long while we do just that…

How many of these Kings did you own this GW?

As we can see from the Kings of the Gameweek team above, two sides really stand out. If you didn’t own Man City defence or some of the Leicester boys this GW must have felt very dark and even longer. Top scoring player this week and leveling with the highest ever score from a defender, come on down John Stones (27), a much maligned player usually but in recent weeks his partnership with Dias (18) has blossomed as evidenced by these stats below:

Man City have conceded just two goals with Stones on the pitch so far this season. That works out as a goal conceded every 600 minutes with the centre-half in the team.

One of those two goals conceded was in City’s first match of the campaign, a 3-1 win over Wolves. Since then, Callum Hudson-Odoi’s injury-time consolation goal for Chelsea is the only goal City have let in Stones’ last 1123 minutes on the pitch. It’s also the only goal conceded with him and Dias at the back together.

Since losing 5-2 to Leicester in September, City have let in just seven goals in their last 15 league games. 38% of their Premier League goals this season conceded came in that defeat.

Manchester City in all competitions this season with John Stones and Rúben Dias starting:

10 games
9 wins
1 draw
1 goal conceded

Pretty impressive stats I think you will all agree and with some very enticing imminent fixtures, if you don’t already own a City defender by now, firstly what are you playing at? But more importantly, it may not be too late to get involved!

A darker shade of blue but just as impressive in the double were Leicester who have just reminded us of their glory days back in 2016. Their trio of mids all banged so it didn’t matter which one you went for. Maddison (17) just outscored Tielemans (15) and Barnes (15), whilst at the back Schmeichel (17) and JJ (14) also went big.

Elsewhere Villa’s Targett (18) hit the spot, despite the fact he actually took himself out of his own FPL side pre-deadline! Up top old favourite Antonio (18) rewarded those who took the plunge, despite risks over his play time because of fitness. Taking the final spot in the team is West Brom’s Pereira (24) who was certainly under the radar going into this. Many more performances like this and he will be on all our radars.

Ok onto FFUK matters now… In terms of chips there were plenty used. 51 x TC, 13 x FH, 30 x WC and 20 x BB meant that there was a lot on the line.


Some big scores in the top 20, no surprises there. Biggest was Leon Allen (19th) with 148 scored although there was a -12 involved. 35 of these points were from his Bench which he boosted to great effect. I always think anything over 25 is a very successful BB. 35 is dreamland. KDB cap certainly could have gone better but that -12 meant Antonio in for his 18, plus Leon also had two of this week’s big hitters in Stones and Justin.

It was a good week to be called James in the top 20. Downie (5th) scored big with 129, Sheridan (8th) reached even higher with 133 but for the biggest score in the league we have to go a little further down.

Congratulations to Joseph Colliass (64th) who top scored with an eye watering 147 points. By far the highest GW score we have had this season and Joseph has already been in touch to submit it for the best GW score this season. For anyone who doesn’t know you can find out all about how the best GW score works here and you will see Joseph is currently leading but remember there are 3 best GW score prizes at the end of the season and they all have to be for different GWs. Oh and there are more doubles on the way too!

At the other end of the scale there were some low scores but those who suffered have probably been through enough, they don’t need a reminder. Unless they are still involved in the CONTS mini league then there is business to attend to.

It was always going to be a fairly high score that went out this week with so many games in the double but in the end it wasnt that close. I dont know if that is any comfort to Paul Browne who is the evictee this GW scoring 65, next worst was Sam Blake with 83.

The craziness of the 12 conts of Xmas is well behind us now and with single evictions until the end now it can’t be long until some FFUKer starts taking hits left right and centre, leaving overall rank well behind in the pursuit for the title of KING CONT!

It’s not all about the league though. There are two games left in this manic month, which means cup ties are in the balance including my very own with Vince Siracusa. I currently hold a 9 point lead which is definitely not enough to feel confident with. All to play for. Bakes will be in touch with an update soon. For those still involved how are you getting on in yours?

To find out who you are up against please check out the FFUK Cup page here and the Milk Plate page here

That is it for this week, and what a week it was. Hopefully not too dark but it certainly was long. The good (or bad) news is we go again very soon. And maybe even better news is we will be doing the DGW thing again in a few weeks. Hold on to your hats.

Thanks for reading as always and remember to take of yourself and each FFUKer!


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