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It’s all starting to get a little serious in our friendly little corner of the fantasy football universe, I use the term “friendly” lightly of course, based on the banter exchanges I see regularly. Week 26 is in the bag and with just 12 game weeks to go the room for errors is rapidly eroding and the shorts are starting to ride up in preparation for the inevitable squeaky bum time, or maybe thats just the way Ross likes to wear them with those BabyGap T shirts of his…

Week 26 brought us one of those rare double game weeks we all love and with all double game weeks there are always some great certainties and surprises, such as the sudden closure of local golf courses coinciding with Gareth Bales sudden availability for selection.

Firstly, there will be big scores (two teams in the top 20 hit their ton this week so nods to Rice Said Fred’s Jamie Stewart – 106pts and Leon Allen’s Why always me -105pts), with Ben Hardiman recording a staggering 133pts thanks to a great triple captain call on Richarlison, netting him 51pts alone!

Secondly, there will always be chips… lots of chips! 33 of the top 50 teams in the league played a chip of some kind, with 16 of them opting for the triple captain. As captain choices go there were a few standouts, Kane (8pts) was the leader with 40% of us going for him, closely followed by Fernandes (6pts) backed by 20% and Calvert-Lewin (4pts) 16% of us with Son (14pts) the next most popular at 6%.

Steve’s stats from this double gameweek!
This week in the CONTS mini league Jake Walker is evicted with 63 points. 12 to go.

Why oh Why do i do this

Inevitably around this time of the season it is only normal for many of us to doubt our ability / confirm we have none, and gaze longingly at the teams above us as if we could posses those scores instead of our much lower ones. But it is always worth just holding out a little hope and holding onto the fantasy football mantra, no not though shalt never trust a man who’s name is Pep, the other one. It’s a marathon not a sprint.


Take a look at the top of our league for a little example of this to give you some of that hope. Sitting pretty in first place is Steve Cronin and his Hurrikanes with a massive haul of 1,812 points. In second place is the ever present and slightly uncomfortable sounding KochMingsofVinagre (thank you Daron Russell) who have amassed 1,807pts. However, if I had to bet on a winner today I would be looking at our current third place team “Delap of the Gods” (Yes, that’s you Chris Galloway). This isn’t because I have a clever algorithm working in the background it is purely based on the fact the “Gods” have used only the first wildcard chip and no others. Steve and Daron have already used all of their chips apart from the second wildcard, so the 15pt gap to the top is only a chip away. Indeed, at this stage of the season you can rise many places with a good week as a mere ten points above the average score can give you a rank rise of several thousand places. So good luck and don’t lose hope yet… unless you are still banking on that Liverpool block defence strategy of course, in which case I’ll get your coat.

Finally, In any double game week Pep Guardiola will ruin your team. End of.


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