We have 54 paid up players in the FFUK Euro Mini League. By far our most for a summer competition which is fantastic, thanks to everyone who is taking part.

See below for all teams with manager names including 3 UNKNOWNS who I have not been able to identify. They will be removed from the league today unless I hear from them.

Abdulmoumen BenamerAbdulmoumenAB.
Ahmed Al Baityamamal2222the_3arab
Alun EdwardsAlly EdwardsRadnorshire Tigers
Ameet ShahameetshahThe False 9
Andy Heathheathie82Too ligt and immobile
Ben Carterbencarter2008Rashford’s Dinner Ladies
Celyn EdwardsDelph and SafetyObi Wan Iwobi
Chris GallowayChris GallowayEUR IN TROUBLE
Clayton Deakinclayton.deakinEnter Shaqiri
CoolersCoolers FCCoolers FC
Dan McBreartyMcBsMcB’s
Danny Hardwickdogg662Southgates Buck Teeth
Daron RussellDaron RussellJuan in Dias
Darryl JamesdjcrouchieEat My Goalie
Dave Windsordavewindsor1981NFFC
Dean CollinsNorfolk N ChanceNorfolk N Chance
Don MacDonald MacaulayTartan Army
Fabian MascollfabianmascollDonkey Kong Juniors
Grant Lawriegrant lawrieNike Covid R7s
Harvey SmithAhaanHere’s to you Mr Robinson
Jack Rackleyjacktheracklet14 losers and Mason Mount
James CoffenjccoffenJimmycofs
Jason BealBealski XIBealXI
John ParkinsonJohn ParkinsonU Can’t Touch This
Joseph ColiassandthenjosephHaa
Justin McCarthyJustin McCarthyIrelands Euro Rejects
Lewis BellLewis BellIt’s Staying Home
Liam Greenliamg447European Flops
Luc Crowleyluccrowley0Dukes of Hazard
Mahan Parkoursandgmnjtbctmnpersepolis
Malek MansourMalekMIt’s Never Coming Home
Mark Leathemm_leathemLeafy’s Legends
Mark TarboxMtarboxShoot them later
Matt ReidMattReid or Deid
Mohammed NasrallahNasrallahNasrallah
Neil GoodwinGoodie106December MoM
Neil GordonNeil GordonGross Indecency
Nick Mastonnickmaston00Come Digne With Me
Ossama MouslimaniossamamouslimaniIT’S SOCCER
PanChris PanayiSporting a Beergut
Paul Browneneil.goodwinFowlergod (neil.goodwin)
Pete CroninPete CroninOh My Dias
Phil RedgraveReddersJust give me De Ligt
Rich HarrisonRichHarrisonWalker in Memphis
Richard Willish Hutchinsonrich218Lets Have a Go Then
Roni FrielRonifrSouthbourne Celtic (Int)
Ross HassellrosshassellRudi Van NistelRoss
Scott HassellscotthassellCountry bumpkins
Sean Griffinseangriffin15Badgers und Senf
Steve CroninSteve CroninThe Hurrikanes
Steven AlmondStevenPique Blinders
Stu Newtonstunewton83Any Given Saturday
Tim McEwantinheadNilsatisoptimum
Tina Whitehousetina.whitehouseDirty Pretty Mings
UNKNOWNzroush062303constelation FC
UNKNOWNWest Enyafc Enya Lostboyz

If you are one of the guys above with a name that isn’t obvious you can change it, please do! Just go to the menu on the app and then settings then edit profile as per the screenshot below.

Ok now it’s time to announce prize money.

Based on 54 players we can confirm the following prizes:

1st £225

2nd £125

3rd £75

4th £50

5th £25

Best round score £40

Not bad for a summer tournament I think you will agree!

Enjoy the festival of football, ill try and do some updates throughout the tournament but if anyone else wants to get involved and do something let us know as I may not have much time.

We are also starting to make plans for next season so if you have any ideas/suggestions then also get in touch now!

Cheers and good luck to all in the Euro mini league!


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