If you haven’t heard about our Euro Fantasy mini league yet then check out the original post here. where you can find out key info like how to join our mini league and how to pay your entry fee!

UPDATE as at 8th June

We currently have 32 teams in the league with just a few days to go. Good numbers so far but still time for you to join us.


We have 2 unknown teams in the league that we need to identify do you know who these two below belong to? Otherwise we will have to remove them if we don’t hear back from anyone.

  • fc ENYA LOSTBOYZ – West enya
  • Here’s to you Mr Robinson – Ahaan

Once you have entered your team and joined the FFUK mini league you just need to make sure you have paid your entry fee to us. Prize money will be confirmed once all payments are in, we plan to pay out at least 3 places in the league plus a best round score as well but will confirm as soon as we can. Not much else to say except good luck to all involved. Any questions just shout and I will leave you with some handy links for Euro tips. oh and unlike the FPL game this app is worth downloading, its the same app as the Champions League game and the game runs in the same format.


Not long to go now (see the countdown below for exactly how long), I’m off to do some research on the Macedonian defence!





  hours  minutes  seconds



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